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Alkaline Natural Skin Care Can Aid In Cellulite Reduction

Posted on : 20-01-2011 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


According to leading nutritionists, the ultimate cause of cellulite is too much dietary acid. In order to maintain the correct pH balance, the body metabolises excess acids and turns them into neutral salts. When these salts build up in the body, they are deposited in the storage tissue in the thighs, hips or bottom along with water and fat. Over time these deposits can harden, resulting in cellulite. Here are some ways you can reduce cellulite with natural skin care.

Drink more liquids

Neutral salts created as a result of excess dietary acid can be released in the sweat or urine. It is only when the body builds up too many of these salts that they are stored as one of the components of cellulite. Drinking plenty of non-acidic liquids such as water and herbal tea will help to flush excess salts from the body and prevent cellulite formation.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods which will help to balance your intake of acidic foods. If your kidneys don’t have to deal with a net acid-overload, your body will make fewer cellulite producing compounds. In addition, these natural foods can aid weight loss, resulting in less fat stored as cellulite deposits.

Go gluten-free

Wheat flour is one of the main sources of acid in the modern diet. Bread, pasta, cakes and breakfast cereals made from wheat tend to contribute to an acid imbalance. By switching to a gluten-free diet you can help your body restore its optimum pH levels and abolish the main cause of cellulite.

Engage in regular aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise encourages the body to use the fat contained in cellulite deposits as fuel. Your body will continue to burn fat for hours after exercising. In addition, when you engage in strenuous exercise, excess neutral salts are released in you sweat, rather than stored on your thighs.

Soak in an alkaline bath

Alkaline bath salts with a pH value of 7.5 or higher are available for purchase from specialist suppliers. A leisurely alkaline bath could encourage your body to release excess acids through your skin. Use a bath brush to stimulate the tissues and promote the elimination of waste products.

Enjoy lots of alkaline foods to improve your vitality.
An alkaline diet can improve your life.

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