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Alkaline Foods Being Promoted in Vitality Magazine

Posted on : 14-03-2013 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized



Please take the time to read this article about Dr. Jentschura’s world famous 3 steps to alkalinity:

Vitality Magazine

Read here about Dr Jentschura

Enjoy lots of alkaline rich foods to improve your vitality.
Some MDs say that it does not matter what kind of foods you eat because everything will be changed by the acidity of your stomack. So it does not matter what you eat because your health does not depend on your diet. But if doctors prescribe you pills and they are ingested they will heal you. If do not find that very logical.

Alkaline Foods and The Protein Marketing Myth

Posted on : 06-03-2013 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


“You must buy our protein powder! Otherwise your body will deteriorate” is the message we hear very often. I am always very astonished on the messages we are supposed to believe created by smart marketing managers in cooperation with persuading scientific studies to sell us products we do not really need.

A little side note concerning scientific studies: There is no scientific study that ever proved any benefits of ingesting chemically generated dietary supplements. In the contrary it is more that people increase risk of mortality and heart attack when they ingest artificial generated supplements: e.g. 30% risk of heart attack for women who take calcium supplementation or increased mortality with Vitamin E and A. Please contact me if you like to know more about this.

Anyways, 1- 3 times a week some quality meats (organic, no growth hormones, no antibiotics chicken, or fish) is a very good and sufficient natural source of protein. To learn more about great sources of natural protein and how vegetarians can be successful athletes read this article about 7 veggie sources of protein.


Everything in moderation – this saying hits the point in regards to protein consumption.

Too much animal protein is hard on your liver and produces gall and liver stones.

Too much animal protein in form of red meat increases your risk of heart attack.

Our blog promotes to you an
alkaline diet

Really Good Christmas Gifts: Of course Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 04-12-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Everybody is always looking for enriching Christmas gifts. This year we like to make it easy for you to express your love and care to dear ones. We created 3 different packages with very attractive prices:

1. Dr. Jentschura’s Alkaline Diet Vitality Starter Kit
165 g Aromatic WurzelKraft, 2,5 weeks of all minerals + vitamins + vital substances
50 bags 7×7 AlkaHerb, Cleansing Tea
750g AlkaBath, 15 full or 100 footbath/AlkalineStockings
500 g MorgenStund’ , Alkaline Breakfast Porridge, 14 portions
Energy Brush, finest bronze bristles made of a sensible alloy of copper and zinc
Plus 1 free 75 g AlkaBath
Regular $132.45
Christmas Special $99.95 Click here

2. Dr. Jentschura’s Vitality Kit “Uplift Health and Beauty”
“Health By Purification” by Dr.P.Jentschura: Best-selling book
330g Aromatic WurzelKraft , 5 weeks of all minerals + vitamins + vital substances
500g MorgenStund’, Alkaline Breakfast porridge, 14 portions
50 bags 7×7 AlkaHerb, Cleansing Tea
750g AlkaBath, 15 full or 100 footbath/AlkalineStockings
AlkaStockings , Detoxification overnight
BathBrush , Premium natural brush with light colored Chungking bristles
Plus 3 free AlkaBath 75g
Regular $242.65 Christmas Special $199.95 Click here

3. For all those whe like to make sure that you or your loved ones gets their monthly supply of Dr. Jentschura’s powerful products we created

Dr. Jentschura’s Alkaline Power Package “Ease of Mind”
Get your monthly alkaline balancing package with:
330g WurzelKraft, omni-molecular life food, made out of 100 plants, aromatic blend
750g AlkaBath for 15 alkaline full bath
50 bags AlkaHerb, blood cleansing tea with 49 herbs
1000g MorgenStund, Alkaline generating porridge with buckwheat, millet, fruit, nuts and amaranth (Organic, Gluten Free)
800g Tischlein, Quinoa, millet and 8 vegetable (Organic, Gluten Free)
Regular $141.95 CAD
Special $119

Kale, My Absolute pH Balance Diet Super Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 27-09-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


Kale is my favourite super food! Awesome in a smoothie or steams. Loaded with health!

Kale is the best leafy green beauty that is widely known for its
cancer-fighting, cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant-rich, detoxifying goodness.

Less popular than spinach, but only because it has a history of being cooked poorly (like cabbage) –
when done right it is absolutely delicious. If you eat kale 2-3 times per week you’ll know it. Like spinach it is massively high in vitamin k,
vitamin a and vitamin c and being leafy green it also has a huge chlorophyll content.

The reason it is so powerful against the cancer fight is that kale contains at least four glucosinolates.
I don’t want to lose you here by using words like glucosinolates – all you need to know is that as
soon as you eat and digest kale, these glucosinolates are really easily converted by the body into
cancer fighting compounds.

Also quite amazing for lowering cholesterol, it should be noted that steamed kale is more effective
for cholesterol lowering than raw.

Nutrients Per 1 Cup:
Vitamin K: 1327% RDA
Vitamin A: 354% RDA
Vitamin C: 88.8% RDA
Manganese: 27% RDA
Fiber: 12% RDA
Calcium: 11% RDA
Magnesium: 11% RDA
Iron: 9% RDA
Omgega 3: 7% RDA


How To Combat The Symptoms Of Menopause Naturally

Posted on : 08-03-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Although part of the normal human aging process, the cessation of female hormone production can be very unpleasant. Women often experience hot flashes, irritability, a dramatic loss of libido, and sometimes even a greater incidence of osteoporosis. While not technically a disease, the symptoms of menopause may feel like one.

When hormone replacement therapy was introduced, it initially produced remarkable results. Long term testing, however, showed that women undergoing replacement experienced a greater incidence of serious complications, including heart problems and even cancer. These findings prompted the search for a safer and more effective way to control the worst symptoms.

Today, there is growing interest in restoring internal balances of acid and alkaline properties, rather than simply treating the worst outward menopausal symptoms. Imbalances are primarily a result of the unhealthy excesses of modern diet and lifestyle, which regularly expose the body to acidic toxins. Unhealthy acid levels encourage many signs of premature aging.

Restoring optimal alkaline and acidic balance can be accomplished through a specific process of physical cleansing and purification. This type of toxic elimination is designed to remove deposited substances not only from the skin and mucous membranes, but also from most cells, joints, membranes, tissues, and other organs where they cause inflammation.

The cleansing process begins with some major changes in lifestyle and diet. Eliminating refined, denatured, and chemically preserved food products immediately reduces internal stresses, especially when accompanied by increased levels of exercise and fluid intake. When coupled with medically supervised fasting, the body soon begins to rid itself of harmful substances.

By reducing acid and restoring proper alkaline levels, the entire organism begins to experience a rejuvenation, and many symptoms of menopause begin to fade, or even disappear altogether. This process has been successful for some individuals, even when others are ineffective. Women who undergo a process of cleansing not only feel better inside, but may also look younger.

alkaline foods to improve your beauty.

„Good And Bad“ Carbohydrates by Dr. Jentschura

Posted on : 29-02-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


Due to their molecular structure carbohydrates are divided into the so called simple and complex carbohydrates.

The simple carbohydrates are the so called monosaccharides (simple sugars like e. g. glucose and fructose) and disaccharides (double sugars like e. g. refined sugar crystals, malt sugar or lactose).

In opposition to the simple mono- and disaccharides the complex carbohydrates include all types of sugar (saccharides) that contain at least three monosaccharide molecules.

These are e. g. oligosaccharides (multiple sugars like e. g. raffinose (raffinose is a carbohydrate contained in plants, to be exact a triple sugar (trisaccharide)) as well as polysaccharides (multiple sugars like e. g. starch, cellulose, chitin).

As far as possible we should avoid simple carbohydrates that can be found mostly in sugar, sweets, honey and some fruits. Simple carbohydrates have the trait to increase the blood sugar level at a very fast pace and thus cause a high release of insulin and arouse the sensation of hunger!

Complex carbohydrates saturate longer and supply all kinds of important substances for our health. They contain many vitamins and are high in dietary fibres. Complex carbohydrates can be found in vegetables, grains, potatoes and leguminous plants.

• The amount of carbohydrates in our diet should predominantly consist of complex carbohydrates. As they have to be broken down in the small intestine they are transferred into the blood at a slower but more continuous pace. Thus a constant blood sugar level is achieved for a longer amount of time. In this way a consistent supply with energy over a longer time is made possible. Moreover important vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres are delivered together with these carbohydrates. The organism has to spend energy to utilise long-chain carbohydrates, a process similar to the digestion of proteins.
• The simple sugars (mono- and disaccharides) are turned into glucose quicker and arrive in the blood in a shorter amount of time. They let the blood sugar level rise quickly and increase the release of insulin. More insulin means a higher breakdown of glucose, a decrease of the blood sugar level and a renewed sensation of hunger.
• Therefore you should consume few simple carbohydrates and better help yourself with complex carbohydrates. Superfluous carbohydrates are not discarded but stored in the liver and the muscles as a quickly utilisable body’s own energy supply. Under certain circumstances surplus glucose can be transferred into fat. Thus when feeding on a diet very rich in carbohydrates (more than 500 g sugar per day) the well known fat stores can develop even if the diet is poor in fat.

alkaline diet can safe your life.

Strengthen Your Vitality With Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 31-01-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


The human body has various ways to secrete acids, toxins and other harmful substances through different organs and functions. The main secretion organs are the outermost layers of the skin, which release toxins through sweat, pimples, eczema, shed, warts; and the mucous membranes through mucus and discharge. One of the most important organ for secretion are your intestines. In the intestines, acids are split into gas and water, which is the cause of flatulence. That is why we highly recommend a herbal or hydro colon cleanse.

The kidneys are the most important secretion organs in removing acids, such as uric acid, lactic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, oxalic acid and other acids within the body. These organs are crucial for our bodies function in excreting acids, chemical reagents, and other base-forming minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

We need these base-forming minerals and we receive them from the daily vegetable diet. The vital substances received through this kind of diet are not only the basis to form our bones and tendons, our vessels, cartilage and skin; these vital substances are virtually carriers, which bind the acids molecule to molecule, removing them from our body through urine. Therefore it is our essential that our daily diet be rich in vital substances and minerals, creating an efficient life of health and beauty for the acid-loaded body of the modern human being.

Wurzelkraft serves as a tremendous assistant for our two kidneys. It strengthens their productivity in secreting acids and other toxins from the body. The secretion capacity of the kidneys in our modern and diet–with an overabundance of coffee, meat, sweets salty chips and peanuts–is greatly diminished. The kidneys are overloaded with pollutants and acids, while receiving only small amounts of energy-lacking minerals for acid neutralization and strengthening. Offer your body an abundance of alkaline foods.

We need large amounts of not only organic vegetable and whole food supplements because they are necessary for people suffering from deposits or excretions – it is a tremendous help for the kidneys and their capacity to secrete acids. For patients with structural damage including osteoporosis, spinal disc problems, skin aging or similar. You cannot overdo eating a healthy diet. You are able to eat better for your health!

A whole food dietary supplement like Wurzelkraft, which contains 100 all natural plants and plant substances, is a fully designed omnimolekular (all minerals are completely available in the supplement) whole food, which provides the body with a limitless abundance of minerals and vitamins, amino acids and countless vegetable fiber and other active substances. It is a living food that permeates our body with vital energy. The superior offer of Wurzelkraft is the high energetic, base-forming minerals that thoroughly strengthen the kidneys, improving overall body function and health. Our body is in a desperate need of nano-sized, organic minerals to deal with toxins and acids. “Alkalize or Die”

Eat lots of alkaline foods to improve your health.

Why Alkaline Foods are great for professional athletes and for you!

Posted on : 18-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Sports and the Value of Alkaline Foods..


so now I adress this topic to you speaking from my experience as a ex pro athlete:
Sports and physical movement are great but should be balanced. A lack of exercise leads to a lack of oxygen and to the build-up of acidity through carbonic acid. Excessive exercise also leads to a lack of oxygen and to acidity in the body; this is the caused by lactic acid. My dad always says: do everything in moderation!
Moderate exercise after work or in your free time removes the built-up carbonic acid and protects the muscles, including the heart.

Aerobic exercise ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygen, maintains the elasticity of our tendons and joints, and strengthens our muscles.

Nutrition is of particular importance to professional athletes. Unfortunately, today’s nutritional and lifestyle habits are mainly composed of acid-forming foods and activities, with excessive consumption of meat, convenience foods, sugar, soft drinks and cooking salt.

There are also the harmful effects of nicotine, alcohol and environmental pollutants. As a result of these acids and toxins, and the acids created through intensive sport, many athletes reach the state of over-acidity too early and therefore the limit of their performance.

This limit can be successfully exceeded with preventative mineralisation, alkaline purification and continuous regeneration, with regard to both health and an increase in performance.

I highly recommand all Dr. Jentschura alkaline generating products to all professional athletes. And I speak out of my experience.
But also we have lots of top athletes in Europe using Dr. Jentschuras products, eg. the Austrian and Swiss National Ski Teams.

Nutrition should consist of 80 % alkaline-generating food and 20 % acid-forming food. Alkaline-generating foods include vegetables, potatoes, fruit, seeds, shoots, nuts, herbal teas, WurzelKraft (AlkaLife), MorgenStund´, vegetable juices, etc. Acid-forming foods include meat, coffee, alcohol, milk and dairy products, confectionery, products made from wheat flour, etc.

Mineralize your body 2-3 hours before exercising with Wurzelkraft and MorgenStund´ (mixed with fruit) and never get sore muscles again if you have a relaxing 30-60 min bath with AlkaBath or using AlkaStockings.

Also try to rub your body with AlkaBath Salts in the shower, let it pull out acids for 5 min and then shower again. Look forward to the results: better performance, quicker regeneration, greater overall wellbeing. We have excellent proof from professionals all over the world.

Before Training
Breakfast with MorgenStund´ plus WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Approx. 2 hours before training: 3-5 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) and extra Alkaline body treatment with: Alkaline salt shower

During Training
Wear AlkalineCuffs

After Training (as soon as possible)
2 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Extra Alkaline body treatment with:
A long alkaline bath
Alkaline footbath
AlkalineStockings during the night

MorgenStund´ for breakfast, as a desert or snack
4-6 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Alkaline body treatment with:
Alkaline baths
Alkaline footbaths
Alkaline inhalations
Alkaline wraps
Alkaline steam bath

Another tip I like to give you is meditation and mental training.
Deep relaxation during meditation (focussing on your heart and deep breathing) really helps with your regeneration. You only can achieve if your are ready to completly letting go of your goals. That sounds mystical but it isn’t. Everybody knows how tightening it is if you just focus and want and want and focus… Life is no fun. And you need fun to be happy and to be successful with your calling.
As life is all about the right balance for other people learning how to focus is crucial. Only if your will, body, mind and soul is aligned we will be completly happy and successful.

Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Diet during Pregnancy

Posted on : 29-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Have a Good Pregnancy with Alkaline Foods, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Dear mother-to-be,

It is especially improtant for you to start your alkaline diet and really care about good organic alkaline foods!

Enjoy your pregnancy. Experience this pleasant time in the best of health and soon you will be holding a healthy baby in your arms. But remember, for the next few months you need three times the minerals you needed before you became pregnant.

single need = normal need for maintenance of your body
doubled need because of your missing periods (being a woman your body floods out lot of impurities once a month during the period; while pregnancy this cleansing is not available!!)
tripled need for the growth of your child

Each day take seven teaspoons or more of AlkaLife (Dr. Jentschura omni-molecular dietaty supplement made out of 100 plants), Spirulina or other super-greens spread out over the course of the day to maintain your own health and beauty and for the growth of your child.

You will not have your period for ten to twelve months. This is why you need a “substitute menstruation” for your metabolism. For this you should take alkaline full baths using AlkaBath. Your skin is the largest organ for purification. AlkaBath creates a high energy, high alkaline solution which pull out all acid impurities via the principle of Osmosis out of your body. My customers are soooo happy with AlkaBath. One Lady said with a big smile: It also opens all of my chakras. Please watch our testimonial video at www.YouInFocusProducts.com

Take alkaline foot baths often. Put alkaline compresses on your belly. At night wear Alkaline Stockings as often as possible. Your body and your child will thank you for doing so.

Avoid very acidic stuff: too much coffee, pops, etc.
Babies usually bath in 8.1-8.5 ph alkaline solution in their mothers womb. Depending on the mothers purity/acidity the ph-level goes down. Naturopaths see a correlation between the mothers purity and babies born with diseases. So, please mothers: stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stopp doing drugs, try to stop medication… give your little one’s the best start possible.

And try to avoid stress!!
Take time to start bonding with you little unborn: Start talking and caressing your baby. This is also so lovely for new daddies….

Daily regimen during pregnancy

Extensive alkaline hand and feet brushing
Dry body brushing in elimination direction
2-3 cups of 7×7 AlkaHerb and non-carbonated water
1 portion of MorgenStund´, Dr. Jentschura alkaline
1-2 tablespoons of WurzelKraft

During the Day
2-3 cups of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) and non-carbonated water
2-3 tablespoons of WurzelKraft
Full bath with MeineBase (AlkaBath) (once or twice a week)
Alkaline shower, peeling or alkaline wrap and aerobic exercise as often as possible

1 cup of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) and non-carbonated water
1-2 tablespoons of WurzelKraft
Alkaline foot bath with MeineBase

Alkaline enema once or twice a month

AlkalineStockings as often as possible

What Deteriorates Our Health And Beauty – the Lack Of Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 20-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


We want to take a close look what happens in our body if we don’t eat alkaline foods:

Our blood needs to keep its alkalinity…

Our blood connects the 100 million cells in our body to make up a meaningful whole. For its many diverse functions, blood requires an alkaline pH value between 7.35 and 7.45. Only within this alkaline range blood flows optimally, nourishes cells and keeps the body cleansed.

All of our foods and drinks have either alkaline or acid generating effects in our bodies.

Due to our modern fast food and living civilisation most of the food we eat barely deserves to be called “nourishing”. It is often mass-produced, pre-cooked, frozen or pre-processed in one or another way. The ingredients in these products often originate from monocultures grown in impoverished soil. These types of foods lack essential nutrients and do not provide us with the vital energy that we need. This lack of nutrients especially minerals causes the fact that most of our food is acid generating…

What deteriorates our health and beauty?

Harmful amounts of acids and toxins are accumulated in our bodies. Alkaline neutralizing nutrients in the form of natural, energy-rich minerals and trace elements are barely even contained in processed, concentrated foods, and are instead replaced by horrendous amounts of “empty” calories. The following overview shows just a few typical acid-inflated, nutrient destroying foods, drinks and energy-consuming behaviour:

Meat and meat products Uric acid
Pork Sulphuric and nitric acid
Sweets,Sugar, White flour products Acetic acid
Artificial sweeteners Formic acid
Soft drinks Phosphoric acid
Coffee, black tea, red wine Tannic acid
Pain relievers Acetylsalicylic acid
Physical overexertion Lactic acid
Stress, anger Hydrochloric acid

One of the chief principles of metabolism is keeping the pH value of blood and the balance between acids and bases stable.

If the pH-value of blood drops by the slightest amount, then the blood will become thicker and clotted (the coin rolling phenomenon of red blood cells). The functions of providing the cells with oxygen and nutrients as well as of removing and eliminating toxins are impaired. Acids, toxins and other harmful substances then build up in the body.

The acid-base regulation risks losing its balance. It is the basis for all metabolic processes and functions in the body, as e.g. hormones, enzymes and our immune systems cannot function in an overly acidic environment. The human body reacts to decreases in pHvalues with the following symptoms:

1. Structural damage

An excess of acids and toxins deteriorates our cells, tissues and organs, as well as our joints and bones. The observed deterioration is often accompanied by inflammatory processes, such as e.g. tonsillitis, gastritis or diabetes. Acids and toxins threaten to bring our vital acid-base equilibrium out of balance. In order not to be deteriorated and destroyed by acids and toxins, our bodies neutralize them with the help of energy-rich, alkaline-generating vitamins and minerals. Due to an excess of acids and toxins and the lack of nutrients in foods today, the body must often consume or depend on its own mineral reserves. Acids and toxins consume the mineral reserves in our skin, hair, teeth, joints and bones and, with results such as hair loss and osteoporosis, also have negative effects on our health and beauty.

2. Elimination

Neutral salts result from neutralizing acids and toxins with the help of alkaline-generating minerals. However our usual elimination organs (kidneys, intestine and lungs) cannot simply eliminate large amounts of acids and toxins or the resulting neutral salts as they please. Each of these organs has a very specific elimination function as well as capacity which cannot be exceeded due to an existing protective mechanism, as it would then lead to the deterioration, contamination and salinisation of these organs.

Skin problems – in order to prevent that from happening, the human body increasingly takes care of elimination through the skin. However the skin does not have a natural protective mechanism. Depending on the sensitivity or concentration and aggressiveness of the acids and toxins, the skin becomes excessively stressed and irritated. Signs of this include body odour, sweat, pimples, acne, eczema, furuncles, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, allergies and stasis ulcers.

Fungi and yeasts – The acidic or even toxic environment on the skin and mucous membranes resulting from elimination creates ideal conditions for the growth of skin and nail fungi as well as intestinal and vaginal yeasts. They start to grown in areas with acidity levels between pH 3.5 and pH 5.5. The growth of yeasts and fungi are both the results and symptoms of an overly acidic and contaminated body. In natural medicine, fungi and yeasts are referred to as so-called “acid and toxin eaters”. They will disappear once the acidic environment of the skin, their ideal feeding grounds, is corrected by alkaline-generating nutrients on the inside and alkaline-cleansing on the outside.

3. Deposition of impurities

Our bodies neutralize acids and toxins that cannot be eliminated through the kidneys, intestine, lungs or through the skin and mucous membranes with minerals, turning them into neutral salts. Since they can only be eliminated to a certain extent, the body must store them as residue bound to water and fat. For many women these residue deposits come in the form of cellulite, e.g. on the upper thighs, bottom and hips. “Gout” is a result of uric acid calcium deposits after years of consuming too much animal protein. Other deposits can manifest themselves as rheumatism, gallstones, kidney stones or bladder stones, lipoma, fibroma, etc. Not drinking enough fluids, lack of exercise, poor circulation and low body temperature promote the depositing of impurities. Over-acidity can manifest itself in different ways. Look for yourself: Many signs of over-acidity or contamination can be seen externally, i.e. on the face and head, on our skin and mucous membranes. Hair loss, pimples, sweating, itching, fungi and yeast infections, liver spots, etc. are unmistakable signs of contamination, acidification or residue deposit build-up.

The desposition of impurities takes place according to the “Hierarchy of Vitality”, which has been studied by Dr. Peter Jentschura and Josef Lohkämper. It first occurs in fat tissue, then in connective tissue, then in the muscles.

If these “depositories” are full, then additional build-up can occur in the joints, fibrous capsules and in the kidneys, bladder and gallbladder, and subsequently in other organs, finishing in the heart and brain. Because the hands, feet, knees, ankles and knuckles as well as the neck and shoulder area have lower temperatures than the mid-region of the body, residue is deposited in these peripheral spots first. The least water-soluble salts, such as uric acid, oxalic acid and tannic acid salts are deposited first.