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Oil of Oregano and the (swine) flu/H1N1 season!

Posted on : 01-11-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Flu Season


Speaking about the flue season.
Oil of Oregano does do miracles with my body. Everybody around me is getting sick and I am good – Thanks God!
Although I have to admit I am taking drugs: Dr. Jentschura products.

Good luck to everybody!!! And don’t loose contact to your inner wisdom facing all this media hype about the Swine Flue.

A friend of mine is a doctor in Germany and her non-official insight is that so far 3 people died because of the Swine Flue and 30 people died because of the vaccination in Germany.

I also read that somebody died in Sweden because of the vaccination.

We believe that diseases can only exist in an acidic body.

So stay alkaline.

With means let’s not get caught by fear. Because besides acidic generating food also fear, stress and anger do create acidity!