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The Easiest Way to Cleanse your Body Using Alkaline... Having a long alkaline foot or full bath is the easiest way to deeply relax and help your body release toxins and acids in a very natural way.     Why? The high PH-level of the water is pulling out...


Your Breakfast Determines the Course of Metabolism... by Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura   In our time, burdened with illnesses caused by modern-day civilization, many people have the course of their physical and psychological health predetermined upon waking...


Alkaline Foods and the Alkaline Diet The alkaline lifestyle diet is one of the most revolutionary diets to grow in popularity in the past few years! The eating principles of the diet (vegetarian, organic foods) are not new, but the addition...


Getting More Alkaline Foods into your Diet Getting More Alkaline Food into Your Diet! The alkaline diet is a very new way to look at how you eat. The essentials of the diet are to keep the ph balance of food intake at 80% alkaline with 20% acidity....


No more (swine) flu/H1N1 for you! Of course using... First of all don't panic when you hear about the Swine Flu! Why? The swine flue is pushed big time by media, politicians and companies earning big dollars. To put everything into perspective: Every...


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Really Good Christmas Gifts: Of course Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 04-12-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Everybody is always looking for enriching Christmas gifts. This year we like to make it easy for you to express your love and care to dear ones. We created 3 different packages with very attractive prices:

1. Dr. Jentschura’s Alkaline Diet Vitality Starter Kit
165 g Aromatic WurzelKraft, 2,5 weeks of all minerals + vitamins + vital substances
50 bags 7×7 AlkaHerb, Cleansing Tea
750g AlkaBath, 15 full or 100 footbath/AlkalineStockings
500 g MorgenStund’ , Alkaline Breakfast Porridge, 14 portions
Energy Brush, finest bronze bristles made of a sensible alloy of copper and zinc
Plus 1 free 75 g AlkaBath
Regular $132.45
Christmas Special $99.95 Click here

2. Dr. Jentschura’s Vitality Kit “Uplift Health and Beauty”
“Health By Purification” by Dr.P.Jentschura: Best-selling book
330g Aromatic WurzelKraft , 5 weeks of all minerals + vitamins + vital substances
500g MorgenStund’, Alkaline Breakfast porridge, 14 portions
50 bags 7×7 AlkaHerb, Cleansing Tea
750g AlkaBath, 15 full or 100 footbath/AlkalineStockings
AlkaStockings , Detoxification overnight
BathBrush , Premium natural brush with light colored Chungking bristles
Plus 3 free AlkaBath 75g
Regular $242.65 Christmas Special $199.95 Click here

3. For all those whe like to make sure that you or your loved ones gets their monthly supply of Dr. Jentschura’s powerful products we created

Dr. Jentschura’s Alkaline Power Package “Ease of Mind”
Get your monthly alkaline balancing package with:
330g WurzelKraft, omni-molecular life food, made out of 100 plants, aromatic blend
750g AlkaBath for 15 alkaline full bath
50 bags AlkaHerb, blood cleansing tea with 49 herbs
1000g MorgenStund, Alkaline generating porridge with buckwheat, millet, fruit, nuts and amaranth (Organic, Gluten Free)
800g Tischlein, Quinoa, millet and 8 vegetable (Organic, Gluten Free)
Regular $141.95 CAD
Special $119

What deteriorates our health and beauty and how how alkaline foods can help?

Posted on : 30-11-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


What deteriorates our health and beauty?
Harmful amounts of acids and toxins are accumulated in our bodies. Alkaline neutralizing nutrients in the form of natural, energy-rich minerals and trace elements are barely even contained in processed, concentrated foods, and are instead replaced by horrendous amounts of “empty” calories. The overview shows just a few typical acid-inflated, nutrient destroying foods, drinks and energy-consuming behavior:

Meat and meat products
Uric acid
Sulphuric and nitric acid
Sweets,Sugar, White flour products
Acetic acid
Artificial sweeteners
Formic acid
Soft drinks
Phosphoric acid
Coffee, black tea, red wine
Tannic acid
Pain relievers
Acetylsalicylic acid
Physical overexertion
Lactic acid
Stress, anger
Hydrochloric acid

These acids….

Create overweight and obesity! As Dr. h.c. Jentschura states the body creates fat cells in order to protect our organs from excess acids. The fat is designed to carry these acid wastes away to other, less critical areas of the body and it clings to these organs to provide protection. Once the body is rid of acid wastes (through a healthier diet and exercise) it no longer needs to hang onto these fats for protection and it lets them go.
Weight problems are also compounded by the result of yeast and fungus overgrowths wreaking havoc on our digestive systems. Yeast and fungus thrive in an acidic environment. Because your body is now not able to properly process foods and extract the full nutrition from the foods that you eat. That is why people with a poor diet are always hungry. Also yeasts and fungus crave for more sugar, which further fuels the yeast growth.

Following a diet of mostly alkaline foods (fresh and raw vegetables, salads, fresh alkaline fruits, seeds, nuts and pure alkaline water) will clean your system of the yeast and fungus overgrowth and will flush your body of the excess survival fat.

Acidification or acidosis (Dr. Jentschura’s term) will cause our body to leach alkaline minerals from our bones, muscles and other tissues to ensure that the blood maintains its delicate alkaline balance. This removal of alkaline minerals inhibits efficient and effective cellular and body metabolism – making us weak. Put most simply – over acidification drains our bodies of energy and inhibits the body’s ability to use stored energy reserves. And as if that was not enough – with the leaching of calcium from our bones, osteoporosis very often follows.

Causes Allergies: Mycotoxins thrive in an acidic environment and severly stress the immune system leading to it being constantly overworked and stimulated into response mode. The result of this is absurdly heightened sensitivity to nutrition and chemicals is what is more commonly known as an allergy. Excess mucus, soreness, swelling, eczema etc are all ways for the body to eliminate toxins.

Causes Free-Radical Damage and Premature Aging!: Acidosis is a symptom of – and a cause of – oxidative stress and lipid breakdown. The effect of this is that free radical damage is then promoted, attacking cell walls and membranes before killing the cells themselves. The outcome of this? Wrinkles, age spots, dysfunctional hormonal systems, poor eyesight, bad memory and foggy thinking – at the very least. Premature aging could become the least of your concerns!

Causes Excess Mucus: Mucus is normal. It is just another mechanism by which the body eliminates toxins – it coats everything we ingest and engulfs the toxins. When toxins are engulfed the mucus becomes sticky, thick and cloudy in order to trap the toxins in. Acidic foods and drinks always contain toxins which cause so much mucus that we seem to be constantly blowing our noses! The worst offenders are dairy products, animal protein, white flour and pastas, chocolate, coffee and alcohol

Acid is corrosive – and overly acidic blood and bodily fluids almost immediately begins to erode and destroy cell walls of the heart, veins and arteries – leading to a much weakened cardiovascular system.

Fatty acids are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system – without them any number of neurological problems can arise (including depression, bipolar and other mental health problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain development and learning in children, mood swings, ADHD and many more).

With the acid problems above, including increased LDL Cholesterol and compromised cell health – the heart has to work increasingly harder to move blood around the body. Acidosis is also to blame for venous vasoconstriction (meaning a decrease in diameter of the blood vessels) – which further adds to the workload of the heart and raises blood pressure!

For healthy cell regeneration and DNA-RNA synthesis – a cell pH CANNOT BE ACIDIC. On the flip side of this – for a cancer cell to grow, the cell pH HAS TO BE ACIDIC! An acid pH dramatically accelerates the possibility of the formation of mutated cells – otherwise known as cancer. Cancerous cells cannot contain hydrogen atoms – and healthy (alkaline balanced) cells contain plenty of hydrogen. In fact, the addition of hydrogen to cancerous cells actually heals them!

When our bodies are suffering from over-acidification the problem becomes compounded by the fact that an acid pH decreases the amount of oxygen than can reach our cells. Without oxygen our cells die!

These Alkaline Foods Must Be At Your Home :-)

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Our blood connects the 100 million cells in our body to make up a
meaningful whole. For its many diverse functions, blood requires an alkaline pH value between 7.35 and 7.45. Only within this alkaline range blood flows optimally, nourishes cells and keeps the body cleansed.

All of our foods and drinks have either alkaline or acid generating effects in
our bodies.

Due to our modern fast food
and living civilization most of the food we eat barely deserves to be called “nourishing”. It is often mass-produced, pre-cooked, frozen or pre-processed in one or another way. The ingredients in these products often originate from mono cultures grown in impoverished soil. These types of foods lack essential nutrients and do not provide us with the vital energy that we need. This lack of nutrients especially minerals causes the fact that most of our food is acid generating.

To prevent our body from acidification we should offer it lots of fresh and organic produce (if possible) each and every day.

These alkaline generating foods & vegetables should be on your shopping list:

1 bunch Celery
Sweet Potatos
2 bunch Cale (my favourite)
3 Grapefruits
Brussels Sprouts
1 bunch of Coriander
1 bunch of Basil
1 bunch of Spring Onions/Shallots
1 packet of Beansprouts

Black Beans
Bragg Liquid Aminos
Soba Noodles (Buckwheat)
Brown Rice
Sprouted Wraps/Tortillas
Organic Silken Tofu
Organic Firm Tofu
Unsweetend, Organic Soy Milk/Almond Milk
Almond Paste
Organic Olive Oil
Avocado Oil
Sesame Oil
Kidney Beans
Chick Peas/Garbanzo
Sprouted Bread
Flax Crackers
Herbal Teas: Dr. Jentschura’s AlkaHerb, peppermint, nettle, redbush/Rooibos, Lavender etc
Dried Herbs & Spices: A. Vogel herb mix, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon ginger, cumin, chilli, coriander seeds, nutmeg

If you are suffering from
symptoms you need to have a healthy, alkaline diet.

Dr. h.c. Jentschura’s lecture tour about alkaline foods in Canada!

Posted on : 25-10-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


dr. jentschura at the big carrot

Dr. Jentschura is the German biochemist and natural doctor known for his 30 years of clinical work using the “alkaline” approach to achieve health and healing. The creator of the “Triple Jump to Purifiction” as well as author of the best-selling book “Health By Purification” was in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.

Dr. Jentschura’s lecture tour in Canada was such a success.

People loved his knowledge about our body’s biochemistry and achieving great health using his alkaline triple jump products. By the way the gentleman is 72 years old and got the looks and vitality of a young man.

Try to have Dr. Jentschura’s alkaline foods to stay healthy.

Dr. Jentschura’s 1 Day Seminars on Alkaline Foods And Anti-Aging In Vancouver And Toronto

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


22nd of September in Toronto
24th of September in Vancouver
Reserve your seat at the Dr. h.c. Jentschura 1 day seminar on complete cleansing and anti aging.

Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura will talk about the cause and the treatment of modern diseases. These diseases are manifesting as toxic residues, eczemas, structural deficits, allergies and deficiencies. Dr. h.c. Jentschura developed the 3 steps to health and wellness.
We will inform about alkaline body care and regeneration, how you can cleanse successfully and eliminate toxic deposits. Through these steps it is possible to maintain and regain health and beauty up until old ages.

The definition of health, disease, healing and aging
The 3 groups of modern diseases caused by civilisation
The significance of minerals
The 3 steps of purification: break up of impurities, neutralisation of acids and elimination of impurities
The metabolism difference between a man and a woman
Alkaline body care

Times: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. with coffee/tea brakes and a healthy lunch.
You are warmly welcome!

11.30-12.00 Coffee/Tee Break
1.00-2.00 Lunch Break
3.30-4.00 Coffee/Tee Break

$49.95 early registration before August 31th
and $59.95 after.
Please email: info@youinfocusproducts.com

Alkaline Natural Skin Care Can Aid In Cellulite Reduction

Posted on : 20-01-2011 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


According to leading nutritionists, the ultimate cause of cellulite is too much dietary acid. In order to maintain the correct pH balance, the body metabolises excess acids and turns them into neutral salts. When these salts build up in the body, they are deposited in the storage tissue in the thighs, hips or bottom along with water and fat. Over time these deposits can harden, resulting in cellulite. Here are some ways you can reduce cellulite with natural skin care.

Drink more liquids

Neutral salts created as a result of excess dietary acid can be released in the sweat or urine. It is only when the body builds up too many of these salts that they are stored as one of the components of cellulite. Drinking plenty of non-acidic liquids such as water and herbal tea will help to flush excess salts from the body and prevent cellulite formation.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods which will help to balance your intake of acidic foods. If your kidneys don’t have to deal with a net acid-overload, your body will make fewer cellulite producing compounds. In addition, these natural foods can aid weight loss, resulting in less fat stored as cellulite deposits.

Go gluten-free

Wheat flour is one of the main sources of acid in the modern diet. Bread, pasta, cakes and breakfast cereals made from wheat tend to contribute to an acid imbalance. By switching to a gluten-free diet you can help your body restore its optimum pH levels and abolish the main cause of cellulite.

Engage in regular aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise encourages the body to use the fat contained in cellulite deposits as fuel. Your body will continue to burn fat for hours after exercising. In addition, when you engage in strenuous exercise, excess neutral salts are released in you sweat, rather than stored on your thighs.

Soak in an alkaline bath

Alkaline bath salts with a pH value of 7.5 or higher are available for purchase from specialist suppliers. A leisurely alkaline bath could encourage your body to release excess acids through your skin. Use a bath brush to stimulate the tissues and promote the elimination of waste products.

Enjoy lots of alkaline foods to improve your vitality.
An alkaline diet can improve your life.

Strengthen Your Kidneys with Alkaline Foods through an Alkaline Diet

Posted on : 09-09-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


The human body has various ways to secrete acids, toxins and other harmful substances through different organs and functions.

The main secretion organs are the outermost layers of the skin, which release toxins through sweat, pimples, eczema, shed, warts; and the mucous membranes through mucus and discharge.

The intestine is another important secretion organ. For example, in the intestines, acids are split into gas and water, which is the cause of flatulence.

Our two kidneys are the most important secretion organs in removing acids, such as uric acid, lactic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, oxalic acid and other acids within the body. These two organs are essential in excreting acids, chemical reagents, and other base-forming minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

From time immemorial our human body has obtained these base-forming minerals from the daily vegetable diet. The vital substances received through this kind of diet are not only the basis to form our bones and tendons, our vessels, cartilage and skin; these vital substances are virtually carriers, which bind the acids molecule to molecule, removing them from our body through urine.

Therefore it is our essential that our daily diet be rich in vital substances and minerals, creating an efficient life of health and beauty for the acid-loaded body of the modern human being.

Dr. h.c. Jentschura’s Wurzelkraft serves as a tremendous assistant for our two kidneys. It strengthens their productivity in secreting acids and other toxins from the body.

The secretion capacity of the kidneys in our modern and diet–with an overabundance of coffee, meat, sweets salty chips and peanuts–is greatly diminished. The kidneys are overloaded with pollutants and acids, while receiving only small amounts of energy-lacking minerals for acid neutralization and strengthening.

Five to seven teaspoons daily of Wurzelkraft are necessary for people suffering from deposits or excretions – it is a tremendous help for the kidneys and their capacity to secrete acids. For patients with structural damage including osteoporosis, spinal disc problems, skin aging or similar, this amount should be increased by three to five tablespoons.

 Wurzelkraft regenerates you body: the more you are able to eat the better for your health!

The product Wurzelkraft, which contains 100 all natural plants and plant substances, is a fully designed omnimolekular (all minerals are completely available in the supplement) whole food, which provides the body with a limitless abundance of minerals and vitamins, amino acids and countless vegetable fiber and other active substances.

It is a living food that permeates our body with vital energy. The superior offer of Wurzelkraft is the high energetic, base-forming minerals that thoroughly strengthen the kidneys, improving overall body function and health.

The “Oil Change” for your body -Alkaline Foods Cleanse your Body

Posted on : 09-03-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


The “Oil Change” for your body

by Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura


Just as every car needs oil change, our body also requires purification. Especially for high-stamina sportsmen, it is important to get “the sand” out of the system and to refuel after tough conditions. For athletes there is often an over-accumulation of carbonic acids, lactic acids, acetic acids, and uric acids; coupled with an acidic diet consisting of much sugar, sweets, white flour products, soft drinks, coffee, fast foods and animal products. This results in hyperacidity, which decreases overall health and well-being.

Acids slow down our power and our capacity to regenerate, as they consume vital substances like minerals, which are essential in the regeneration process. Our metabolism has to neutralize the excess acids and waste products with our own vital alkaline substances. If these vital alkaline substances are not abundant in our diet, our body’s’ own reserves– such as skin, hair, teeth, bones, joints, and tendons– will be “targeted”. This quickens the wear out process. Additionally formed neutral salts will be deposited as waste products, which create a bottleneck in our excretory organs. Performance declines and increased risks of injuries are inevitable.


Oil Change

The key to maximum regeneration and permanent productivity is through internal cleansing and purification. For the body, detoxification always occurs in 3 steps, which we will refer to as a “triple jump of purification”:

  1. Removing  waste products

Herbal teas, especially those designed specifically for removing waste products, reactivate deposited acids. Start with a small amount of tea in the beginning, and then increase step by step. Everything that is soluble by tea has to be metabolized in the end.

  1. Neutralization and Removal of Acidity

Our body needs the whole spectrum of vital nutrients derived from plant foods like vegetables, salads, sprouts, and seeds in order to remove the freed acids. These plant foods optimize the natural systems and enzymes for de-acidification and are essential for energy production, regeneration, and increased efficiency. They take care of strong muscles, stable tendons and joints as well as strong bones.


  1. Elimination of acidity

Finally the soluble acids have to be eliminated. In this process the skin plays a central role with its countless sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The substances that our kidneys, intestines, and lungs are not able to eliminate can be eliminated through the skin with alkaline body care. Alkaline baths and foot baths, peelings, and massages have all proven to be extremely effective in the purification process. They also have the added benefit of making the skin velvety soft and smooth, and able to eliminate effectively.

The result of the “oil change” is a revitalized, taut and beautiful body—both internally and externally.

<a href=”http://www.4alkalinefoods.com/” title=”alkaline foods”>alkaline foods</a> increase your vitality!




German Dr. h.c. P. Jenschura’s book and complete alkalizing program is a bestseller in Europe.

Book and products are now available in Canada and the USA. Please visit for more info www.YouInFocusProducts.com

YouInFocusProducts is a Canadian distribution company based in Edmonton, AB. The company is owned by Stephan Wilmes, the AlkalineDietGuy.  Stephan created the AlkalineLifeStyle and holds his alkaline lectures all over Canada.

Lecture All about the alkaline life style…


Everybody speaks about the miracles that happen when you alkalize your body. What the truth of this? What is the difference between an alkaline or acidic life style and how does it affect our health?

We will speak about the different aspects and consequences of living the alkaline life style and discuss the following topics:

What deteriorates our health and wellbeing?

How to stay healthy, energetic and beautiful?

Organic vs. inorganic dietary supplements

Responsible pregnancy

Toxins and weight loss




This lecture is crucial: People don’t realize what they do to their bodies in eating processed food and spending their lives being continuously stressed. Both create acidity. To deal with the large amounts of acidity we rob our bodies’ mineral deposits. This starts the process of deterioration. 

Instead of dying at the age of 100-120 in a healthy body after a fulfilled life most of us die at 70-80 years old after 10-20 years of suffering from diseases and longing for deep fulfillment.



The lecture will be held by Stephan Wilmes aka AlkalineDietGuy. Stephan is an Ayurvedic therapist.



As a young man I loved sports: in team sports I played soccer and basketball. In martial arts, I became German Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Second World Military Boxing Champion. After my professional sports career I finished my Business Degree at the University in Munich, Germany and received the Wacker Chemistry Price for the Best Diploma Thesis.

I am also a Ayurvedic Therapist and used to own the Ayurveda Wellness Center Munich. Knowing the powerful cleansing and healing effects of Ayurvedic Sciences, I really acknowledge the same beneficial value of applying the Dr. P. Jentschura Cure from Germany. The Dr. Jentschura cure seems to me more appropriate for our western civilization. That’s why we promote the cure in North America.

Questions concerning Alkaline Foods, Gum Care and the Function of Water/Alkaline Drinks

Posted on : 17-02-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


1.  Why does the book say to drink low mineral water?   I like to drink water on the alkaline side (Fiji, Evian, Essential) or artesian well water and I sometimes add an alkaline ph booster to water which is purified such as Danani or Aquafina.  Alkaline water has more minerals which should be good, should it not?  Do we have to get our minerals from food and not water?


You are on the right track….  Dr. h.c. Jentschura recommends to drink low mineralized water (which usually is slightly alkaline) because of the 2 functions of the water: to hydrate our body and to help the body to eliminate toxins and acids.


Usually the ph booster just adds mineral salts to the water – which is just positive on a short term. If I have a heart attack or feel strong pain or suffer from a serious disease I would drink the |Alkaline Drink at 10.00 am, 4.00 pm and 10.00 pm (made with AlkaBath, Baking Soda or any ph booster and water) to boost my bloods ph-level. Then my bloods starts to transport oxygen and nutrition much better again, so my life sustaining functions work again!


The recommended times are the times of alkaline floods in the body – just like the tides of the ocean.


But: the Alkaline Drink is just a fire made with straw. Since mineral salts just boost the ph-level of the blood and the urine they are not able to help us long term.


Because only plant-derived organic minerals are able to chemically bind a toxin/acid and then a mineral salt is created. The body easily is able to eliminate mineral salts if all organs are working fine.


We have to realize that the overflow of acids (due to a stressful lifestyle and acidic generating diet) is creating all body degeneration.


In order to reverse this process we created the Alkaline Life Style:

Offer the body an abundance of organic minerals (with WurzelKraft, MorgenStund, Spirulina and lots of fresh, green foods), 

Help the body cleanse (e.g. with AlkaHerb but also Colon/Kidney Cleansing so all nutrition can be easily absorbed).

Good fresh air and refreshing body movement is very important too.

Also we recommend Cranio-Sacral Healing Sessions to heal old childhood wounds. 

But a deep and nourishing body-mind-soul connection is crucial: Creating love is crucial. Believing in healing and goodness is the base for change.


2.  I have been having trouble loosing metal fillings and crowns in the last couple years.  I use a toothpaste called Claybrite which has clay it in (a detoxer) and of course I have recently been drinking the 7×7 tea. 

Do you think there is any chance that these products are trying to eliminate non-natural elements from my mouth, i.e. metal fillings?


Well, what you mean with metal fillings. I hope not Amalgam. Because that is very toxic and even for bitten in some countries e.g. like Sweden.


Gold or ceramic crones are much better and more natural….


I highly doubt that you loose the fillings because of Claybrite or AlkaHerb!


I found some good tips for gum problems: Clean your gums and teeth with AlkaBath very carefully and let is work for some time in your mouth. The high alkalinity of the bath salt kills all germs. 

Also tea tree oil is very good for gums and tooth care.

Colloidal silver is a medieval antibiotic remedy.


Posted on : 10-02-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Please join in our open lecture at Planet Organic South in Edmonton.

When: 18th of Febuary at 7.00 pm

Together we will discuss the factors which determine a healthy and happy life. 

Also I will introduce you to Dr. h.c. P. Jentschura’s approach to boost vitality and avoid painful diseases in increasing alkalinity.