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Toxins, Our Weight And The Effects of Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 20-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods, What you Should Know About Toxins and Alkaline Foods...


In today’s world, we’re exposed to a myriad of toxins and pollution.
These come from things as diverse as the off-gassing of new carpet, the exhaust of automobiles, and residues of herbicides and pesticides in our food and water. (The list goes on.)

Internally, our bodies are very sensitive and easily recognize the difference between the beneficial nutrients we get in our food and the toxic chemicals we’re exposed to that get into our bodies. The difficult part is getting the toxins out of our system once they’re in.
If our physiology isn’t strong, there may not be the energy and resource to remove the toxins.

Having toxins in our bodies can be like coming home to a dirty house after a long day at work and having guests due to arrive in just a few minutes. In an attempt to tidy things up with the time and energy we have, we may just toss a lot of the mess into a nearby closet, leaving the proper sorting and cleaning for later when we have more time and energy. When our bodies are faced with more to clean up than there seems time and energy for, the nearby closets they use to “tidy things up” are fatty tissues. Our bodies toss the toxins into our fat to keep them “out of harms way.” Our bodies know there’s much less danger with the toxins stored in the fat than floating through our bloodstream and vital organs.

In this way, fat is our friend. By holding onto our fat stores, even in the midst of dieting, our vital organs and tissues are protected from the damaging effects of the toxins and pollutants.
To ensure our organs are safe from these toxins, our bodies
(intelligently) raise the fat thermostat. This means that when
we want to lose weight by starting a diet, our bodies fight to keep the fat in place in order to protect us from the toxins. This is the struggle many dieters experience in trying to get that extra weight off.

Cleanse at a Cellular Level

So, how can we lower the fat thermostat to drop the extra
pounds and do it in a way that’s healthy?
It’s a simple matter of cleansing out those toxins at the
cellular level.
We highly recommand eating cleansing whole foods.
Here’s how it works:
Cleansing whole foods are highly alkaline and our bodies need to be alkaline to be healthy. By eating more alkaline foods, our tissues are
gradually and gently cleansed of acidic by-products and waste.

Make sure to drink lots of low mineralised water. That helps a lot!!!