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The Easiest Way to Cleanse your Body Using Alkaline... Having a long alkaline foot or full bath is the easiest way to deeply relax and help your body release toxins and acids in a very natural way.     Why? The high PH-level of the water is pulling out...


Your Breakfast Determines the Course of Metabolism... by Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura   In our time, burdened with illnesses caused by modern-day civilization, many people have the course of their physical and psychological health predetermined upon waking...


Alkaline Foods and the Alkaline Diet The alkaline lifestyle diet is one of the most revolutionary diets to grow in popularity in the past few years! The eating principles of the diet (vegetarian, organic foods) are not new, but the addition...


Getting More Alkaline Foods into your Diet Getting More Alkaline Food into Your Diet! The alkaline diet is a very new way to look at how you eat. The essentials of the diet are to keep the ph balance of food intake at 80% alkaline with 20% acidity....


No more (swine) flu/H1N1 for you! Of course using... First of all don't panic when you hear about the Swine Flu! Why? The swine flue is pushed big time by media, politicians and companies earning big dollars. To put everything into perspective: Every...


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The Framework of Staying Young

Posted on : 27-09-2017 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Alkaline Expert Interview, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care


Faith/spirituality/having a sense of purpose in life

Exercising moderately but regularly (e.g. walking, Yoga, body weight training, biking, gardening and swimming)

An active lifestyle with lots of walking

Keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor

Staying mentally active and always learning something new

Strong social network of family and friends

Healthy lifestyle: Organic and alkaline generating diet with not smoking and only little alcohol



Benefits of a New Year Detox

Posted on : 16-02-2017 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Cleansing


For thousands of years, human beings lived as hunter-gatherers; a few hours of work each day devoted to gathering and preparing food, and the rest spent socializing with their family. As a result, they got plenty of fresh air, exercise, and a real sense of community.

In contrast, our acidic North American lifestyle prevents the possibility of enjoying the benefits of an alkaline body. Too much acid-generating food and drink, too much stress, and not enough fresh air and exercise – these factors create an acidic versus an alkaline body, and are the main factors which throw off our natural balance.

On a physical level, we are just like the animals. But do animals in their natural environment eat junk food, drive cars, and get really stressed out at day jobs? No way! They are out in the fresh air running and jumping, eating fresh food, and relaxing. Everything they do contributes to an alkaline body and vibran

Three Step Program to Alkalize the Body

By making a commitment to change, we can make different choices that will bring balance to our lives; it is not that hard once you’re ready. Changing your diet to consist of 80% alkalizing foods and beverages can make a huge difference to your health.

Dr. Jentschura, MSc, from Germany has developed a very powerful and easy 3-step program to purify and alkalize the body: 1) Cleansing; 2) Neutralization and regeneration; 3) Elimination.

Step 1: Break-up of deposited impurities with AlkaHerb Tea – The three-step program begins with using AlkaHerb 7×7 cell cleansing tea. It helps dissolve the toxic material stored in tissues. Dr. Jentschura based his recipe on the lifelong research of a family of naturopathic doctors in Germany over a hundred years ago. Made from 49 organic and wildcrafted herbs, the AlkaHerb tea is effective in breaking down toxins and acids stored in tissues. As the accumulated impurities are dissolved, they can be metabolized and flushed out. As these stored toxins and acids are released, so is the water and fat which was bound by these acids. Weight loss is a positive side effect of the Triple Jump to Purification. Simply drink two cups of AlkaHerb daily, and for each cup consumed, be sure to drink a glass of water.

Step 2: Neutralization and re-mineralization with WurzelKraft – The second step means eating WurzelKraft alkaline food granules to neurtralize the reactivated acids and to refill the mineral stores in the blood, skin, teeth, hair, bones, and tissues. As the acids and toxins released by the 7 x 7 AlkaHerb tea need to be neutralized for safe removal, it is important to take huge amounts of WurzelKraft to avoid any problems like a gout attack.

WurzelKraft means literally ‘The Power Of Roots’, and is made from the roots, seeds, flowers, and leaves of more than 100 different healing plants; each of these organic and wildcrafted plants is carefully chosen to support optimum cell health. WurzelKraft contains hundreds of thousands of vital substances like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes needed by the body’s cells. It tastes delicious and comes in a bioavailable form that makes for quick assimilation of vital minerals. Eating 6 teaspoons daily will flood the body with all the minerals, vitamins, and trace elements it needs.

Step 3: Expel Toxins and Acids with AlkaBath – The third step involves bathing with AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts to enable quick and comfortable elimination of acids and toxins through the skin. Besides the kidneys, lungs, and intestines, your skin is a very large and effective organ of elimination. Dr. Jentschura’s simple yet ingenious approach to efficient elimination takes advantage of the large surface area of the skin. This is easily achieved by bathing in an alkaline solution (pH 8.5). Simply add 3 tablespoons of AlkaBath to the full bath (use a smaller amount for foot baths), and soak as long as you can. The results of this powerful detox include better sleep, healthier skin, and more.

Dr. Jentschura’s alkaline products are available in health food stores across Canada. To purchase online, visit: http://www.youinfocusproducts .com. For more information call toll-free 1-866-722-9812

WIN 3 AlkalineStarter Kits, each with the value of $116. All you have to do is read Dr. Jentschura’s text about ‘Three Steps to Alkaline Purification’ and answer this question: How many tablespoons of AlkaBath do you need to enjoy a detox full bath? Email your answer to info@youinfocusproducts.com


If you like to study the process of toxificaton and detoxification in depth please open this file.


Please learn about Regenerating and Cleansing using Ayurvedic and Alkaline Treatments you can implement at home….

Posted on : 09-05-2016 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Alkaline Expert Interview, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care


Please learn about Regenerating and Cleansing using Ayurvedic and Alkaline Treatments you can implement at home….


Please watch this video.


Getting More Alkaline Foods into your Diet

Posted on : 11-01-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Alkaline Foods: Alkalizing Your Body


Getting More Alkaline Food into Your Diet!

The alkaline diet is a very new way to look at how you eat. The essentials of the diet are to keep the ph balance of food intake at 80% alkaline with 20% acidity. The goal with this diet is to match the ph level of the bloodstream, which runs on the alkaline side. This task can be daunting for many because foods that most people love to indulge themselves on are considered high in acidity. The goal in adding more alkaline into your diet is to identify good sources of alkaline. Creating a comprehensive list of alkaline producing foods will help you make the most of the alkaline diet.

Alkalizing foods have a tonic effect on the body. By neutralizing the acidity in the bloodstream, alkaline foods act as a “breath of fresh air” to the system regenerating and restoring damaged cells. Diets high in acidic foods cause the body to break down prematurely, the bloodstream carries these “acid bombs” throughout the system wreaking havoc in their wake. By determining what foods have an alkalizing effect on the body, we can incorporate them into our diet in larger amounts, setting the pH levels in the bloodstream to the optimum level. On average, the pH level of human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45; levels 7 and above are considered alkaline.

Vegetables and fruits are the easiest ways to get more alkaline into your diet. Vegetables that are alkalizing are:

Alkaline Lifestyle Radio: Interview with Alkaline Foods Guru Dr. Bergel

Posted on : 23-10-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care


You are invited to listen to our radio show on www.blogtalkradio.com… Also feel free to ask questions…
Upcoming Episode:
Stephan Wilmes, Alkaline Life Style Interview with alkaline health guru Dr. Bergel

Date / Time: 10/23/2009 10:00 AM MST or 09.00 PST
Category: Health
Call-in Number: (347) 994-3292

How Can I Stay Beautiful And Healthy with Alkaline Foods in my Alkaline Diet?

Posted on : 20-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care


What is real beauty and health and what are the benefits of eating alkaline foods in an alkaline diet?

Physical health means that the cells, tissues and organs are free of acids, toxins and impurity deposits while at the same time having full vitamin and mineral reserves. Allowing these reserves to remain untouched for as long as possible is the best prerequisite for permanently staying healthy and beautiful.

If all cells, tissues and organs have a sufficient reserve of nutrient potential, they are then able to continuously regenerate themselves, defend against and eliminate toxic substances.

How can I stay beautiful and healthy?

Avoid all harmful things!

The primary prerequisite for long-lasting health and beauty is to reduce or, even better, avoid the acid-generating lifestyle habits previously mentioned (e.g. too much stress, excess exercise, acidic and acid-generating eating habits that include too much protein, animals fats, sugar and sweets, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and additive-enriched, pre-processed foods) and replace them with an alkaline-generating, primarily wholesome vegetarian diet. For millions of years we have needed the nutrients of plants for our health and beauty.

Eat, drink and do beneficial things!

Through a primarily wholesome vegetarian and therefore mineral-enriched, alkaline-generating diet with lots of vegetables, some fruit and omni-molecular (complete) plant-derived foods, we can make sure that our bodies’ own mineral reserves remain well filled. This in turn ensures that our beauty and heath will be maintained for the long-term. Alen, Spirulina, Dr. Jentschura WurzelKraft and similar products are such kinds of omni-molecular foods derived from numerous plants. The great number of nutrients contained in these food products gave them their name: Latin omnes = all; all molecules = omnimolecular.

Drinking approximately 1 litre of non-carbonated water and ½ – 1 litre or more of herbal tea does a good job of thoroughly cleansing the human body and its elimination organs.

Stress can be balanced out for example through meditation, autogenic training, reading a good book or a relaxing walk. Excessive exercise can be replaced by yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and stretching.

Discover the healthy balance between acids and bases for yourself, for “pleasure is in taking everything in moderation”. Low amounts of acids can be enjoyed if compensated with excess alkalinity. But you can and should balance out every excessive acidic pleasure with alkaline-generating foods and alkaline body care!

Eliminate all harmful things!

The diseases in modern society only develop because our naturally foreseen elimination organs are not capable of eliminating large amounts of acids, toxins and the neutral salts generated with the assistance of our body’s own minerals. Our body has no other option but to deposit toxins that cannot be eliminated. To regain or maintain health and beauty, “cleansing treatments” are recommended during which the acids and toxins are effectively eliminated with the help of the skin and mucous membranes, our other elimination organs, and which re-establish the acid-base equilibrium and successfully eliminate the deposited impurities.

Healthy compensating equalisers:

1 cup of coffee : 1 tsp. AlkaLife or a similar product + 1 glass of water

one small meal with meat : one large portion of vegetables or salad

excessive exercise : one alkaline full bath

one piece of cake : one alkaline footbath + 1 tsp. AlkaLife or a similar product

Life is all about balance!
Tip for the daily diet

80% alkaline-generating foods

20% acid-generating foods and beverages

How can I cleanse myself successfully with as little effort as possible?

With the “triple jump to purification” for successful regeration: Purification means removing deposited impurities from the skin and mucous membranes, from the cells, tissues, glands, joints and organs of the body. In three steps, purification has the following significance for our metabolism:
impurity deposits are dissolved into their components
loosened acids and toxins are metabolised
elimination occurs through the intestine, kidneys and mucous membranes

By both internally and externally carefully preparing for the “triple jump to purification” you can avoid any possible initial signs of excessively straining the body and the familiar initial worsening or healing crises. Perhaps you have already had a similar experience during fasting or during a cleansing or purification regimen. The “triple jump to purification” must therefore be carefully planned in order to successfully loosen, metabolise and eliminate years of deposited impurities without discomfort. This sensible preparation is all the more necessary the more contaminated, built-up or sensitive the body is. The preparation consists of two important steps:

1. The body’s neutralizing and metabolizing potential is omni-molecularly optimised through a wholesome vegetarian diet and omni-molecular foods.

2. Alkaline body care allows many acids and toxins to be eliminated through the body’s fluids. This occurs with alkaline full baths and footbaths, with alkaline compresses, rinses, etc.

The chief commandment for purification is:

“The more acidic built up and sensitive the body is, the more careful you must prepare for the purification process!”

Alkaline Real Fast Foods – Good for Us and our Kids!!!

Posted on : 20-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Who knows about the problem to get a refreshing and nurturing meal if we don’t have enough time to prepare it? How can we take care of our alkaline diet if we do have a time problem?

Who’s got kids and has real problems in feeding them healthy green stuff like veggies and green salats?

Well, we do but we know the answer to both problems:

Preparing a tasty and healthy juice!
The secret for tasty is putting some sweet fruits in it and the obvious for healthy is getting the greens in it so that our bodies get flooded with minerals, vitamins and all vital substances.

Especially kids do need all vital substances desperatly since most school cafeterias like to serve acidic foods like burgers, fries, pasta, pops, sweets and white flour products. And kids (at least ours) don’t really prefer eating green salat or veggies.

So here is our recipe ( and we are happy to find out about yours!)

4-5 leaves of dark greens, such as Kale, Collards, Romaine, or Spring Mix
2-3 pieces of fresh sweet fruit, such as banana, pear, apple, mango
2” piece of raw ginger
1/3 cucumber
1/3 Red Pepper
1 stalk Celery
1/8 (or less) Onion
(Any other raw veggie that strikes your fancy!)
1 Tablespoon of WurzelKraft, Dr. Jentschura dietary supplement made out of 100 plants
½ cup Organic Apple Cider (or other organic fruit juice)
Also please add some Stevia if like. Celery and onion have a strong taste so you also could take lots of green salad.
Fill the blender to the top with purified Water
Mix until smooth.
(This is a big smoothie for me and my 2 boys. If it’s too much for the size of your blender, scale it all down to where it fits.)

Enjoy your life!

Ask The Alkaline Diet Guy: Alkalizing Your Body with Alkaline Foods (Part 1 of 3)

Posted on : 19-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, Alkaline Foods: Alkalizing Your Body


The Alkaline Diet Guy, talks about living an alkaline diet and body lifestyle. He also shares little-known information from the best-selling book Health By Purification, by Dr. P. Jentschura.