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Getting More Alkaline Foods into your Diet Getting More Alkaline Food into Your Diet! The alkaline diet is a very new way to look at how you eat. The essentials of the diet are to keep the ph balance of food intake at 80% alkaline with 20% acidity....


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Kale, My Absolute pH Balance Diet Super Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 27-09-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


Kale is my favourite super food! Awesome in a smoothie or steams. Loaded with health!

Kale is the best leafy green beauty that is widely known for its
cancer-fighting, cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant-rich, detoxifying goodness.

Less popular than spinach, but only because it has a history of being cooked poorly (like cabbage) –
when done right it is absolutely delicious. If you eat kale 2-3 times per week you’ll know it. Like spinach it is massively high in vitamin k,
vitamin a and vitamin c and being leafy green it also has a huge chlorophyll content.

The reason it is so powerful against the cancer fight is that kale contains at least four glucosinolates.
I don’t want to lose you here by using words like glucosinolates – all you need to know is that as
soon as you eat and digest kale, these glucosinolates are really easily converted by the body into
cancer fighting compounds.

Also quite amazing for lowering cholesterol, it should be noted that steamed kale is more effective
for cholesterol lowering than raw.

Nutrients Per 1 Cup:
Vitamin K: 1327% RDA
Vitamin A: 354% RDA
Vitamin C: 88.8% RDA
Manganese: 27% RDA
Fiber: 12% RDA
Calcium: 11% RDA
Magnesium: 11% RDA
Iron: 9% RDA
Omgega 3: 7% RDA


„Good And Bad“ Carbohydrates by Dr. Jentschura

Posted on : 29-02-2012 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


Due to their molecular structure carbohydrates are divided into the so called simple and complex carbohydrates.

The simple carbohydrates are the so called monosaccharides (simple sugars like e. g. glucose and fructose) and disaccharides (double sugars like e. g. refined sugar crystals, malt sugar or lactose).

In opposition to the simple mono- and disaccharides the complex carbohydrates include all types of sugar (saccharides) that contain at least three monosaccharide molecules.

These are e. g. oligosaccharides (multiple sugars like e. g. raffinose (raffinose is a carbohydrate contained in plants, to be exact a triple sugar (trisaccharide)) as well as polysaccharides (multiple sugars like e. g. starch, cellulose, chitin).

As far as possible we should avoid simple carbohydrates that can be found mostly in sugar, sweets, honey and some fruits. Simple carbohydrates have the trait to increase the blood sugar level at a very fast pace and thus cause a high release of insulin and arouse the sensation of hunger!

Complex carbohydrates saturate longer and supply all kinds of important substances for our health. They contain many vitamins and are high in dietary fibres. Complex carbohydrates can be found in vegetables, grains, potatoes and leguminous plants.

• The amount of carbohydrates in our diet should predominantly consist of complex carbohydrates. As they have to be broken down in the small intestine they are transferred into the blood at a slower but more continuous pace. Thus a constant blood sugar level is achieved for a longer amount of time. In this way a consistent supply with energy over a longer time is made possible. Moreover important vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres are delivered together with these carbohydrates. The organism has to spend energy to utilise long-chain carbohydrates, a process similar to the digestion of proteins.
• The simple sugars (mono- and disaccharides) are turned into glucose quicker and arrive in the blood in a shorter amount of time. They let the blood sugar level rise quickly and increase the release of insulin. More insulin means a higher breakdown of glucose, a decrease of the blood sugar level and a renewed sensation of hunger.
• Therefore you should consume few simple carbohydrates and better help yourself with complex carbohydrates. Superfluous carbohydrates are not discarded but stored in the liver and the muscles as a quickly utilisable body’s own energy supply. Under certain circumstances surplus glucose can be transferred into fat. Thus when feeding on a diet very rich in carbohydrates (more than 500 g sugar per day) the well known fat stores can develop even if the diet is poor in fat.

alkaline diet can safe your life.

Strengthen Your Kidneys with Alkaline Foods through an Alkaline Diet

Posted on : 09-09-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


The human body has various ways to secrete acids, toxins and other harmful substances through different organs and functions.

The main secretion organs are the outermost layers of the skin, which release toxins through sweat, pimples, eczema, shed, warts; and the mucous membranes through mucus and discharge.

The intestine is another important secretion organ. For example, in the intestines, acids are split into gas and water, which is the cause of flatulence.

Our two kidneys are the most important secretion organs in removing acids, such as uric acid, lactic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, oxalic acid and other acids within the body. These two organs are essential in excreting acids, chemical reagents, and other base-forming minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

From time immemorial our human body has obtained these base-forming minerals from the daily vegetable diet. The vital substances received through this kind of diet are not only the basis to form our bones and tendons, our vessels, cartilage and skin; these vital substances are virtually carriers, which bind the acids molecule to molecule, removing them from our body through urine.

Therefore it is our essential that our daily diet be rich in vital substances and minerals, creating an efficient life of health and beauty for the acid-loaded body of the modern human being.

Dr. h.c. Jentschura’s Wurzelkraft serves as a tremendous assistant for our two kidneys. It strengthens their productivity in secreting acids and other toxins from the body.

The secretion capacity of the kidneys in our modern and diet–with an overabundance of coffee, meat, sweets salty chips and peanuts–is greatly diminished. The kidneys are overloaded with pollutants and acids, while receiving only small amounts of energy-lacking minerals for acid neutralization and strengthening.

Five to seven teaspoons daily of Wurzelkraft are necessary for people suffering from deposits or excretions – it is a tremendous help for the kidneys and their capacity to secrete acids. For patients with structural damage including osteoporosis, spinal disc problems, skin aging or similar, this amount should be increased by three to five tablespoons.

 Wurzelkraft regenerates you body: the more you are able to eat the better for your health!

The product Wurzelkraft, which contains 100 all natural plants and plant substances, is a fully designed omnimolekular (all minerals are completely available in the supplement) whole food, which provides the body with a limitless abundance of minerals and vitamins, amino acids and countless vegetable fiber and other active substances.

It is a living food that permeates our body with vital energy. The superior offer of Wurzelkraft is the high energetic, base-forming minerals that thoroughly strengthen the kidneys, improving overall body function and health.

Questions concerning Alkaline Foods, Gum Care and the Function of Water/Alkaline Drinks

Posted on : 17-02-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


1.  Why does the book say to drink low mineral water?   I like to drink water on the alkaline side (Fiji, Evian, Essential) or artesian well water and I sometimes add an alkaline ph booster to water which is purified such as Danani or Aquafina.  Alkaline water has more minerals which should be good, should it not?  Do we have to get our minerals from food and not water?


You are on the right track….  Dr. h.c. Jentschura recommends to drink low mineralized water (which usually is slightly alkaline) because of the 2 functions of the water: to hydrate our body and to help the body to eliminate toxins and acids.


Usually the ph booster just adds mineral salts to the water – which is just positive on a short term. If I have a heart attack or feel strong pain or suffer from a serious disease I would drink the |Alkaline Drink at 10.00 am, 4.00 pm and 10.00 pm (made with AlkaBath, Baking Soda or any ph booster and water) to boost my bloods ph-level. Then my bloods starts to transport oxygen and nutrition much better again, so my life sustaining functions work again!


The recommended times are the times of alkaline floods in the body – just like the tides of the ocean.


But: the Alkaline Drink is just a fire made with straw. Since mineral salts just boost the ph-level of the blood and the urine they are not able to help us long term.


Because only plant-derived organic minerals are able to chemically bind a toxin/acid and then a mineral salt is created. The body easily is able to eliminate mineral salts if all organs are working fine.


We have to realize that the overflow of acids (due to a stressful lifestyle and acidic generating diet) is creating all body degeneration.


In order to reverse this process we created the Alkaline Life Style:

Offer the body an abundance of organic minerals (with WurzelKraft, MorgenStund, Spirulina and lots of fresh, green foods), 

Help the body cleanse (e.g. with AlkaHerb but also Colon/Kidney Cleansing so all nutrition can be easily absorbed).

Good fresh air and refreshing body movement is very important too.

Also we recommend Cranio-Sacral Healing Sessions to heal old childhood wounds. 

But a deep and nourishing body-mind-soul connection is crucial: Creating love is crucial. Believing in healing and goodness is the base for change.


2.  I have been having trouble loosing metal fillings and crowns in the last couple years.  I use a toothpaste called Claybrite which has clay it in (a detoxer) and of course I have recently been drinking the 7×7 tea. 

Do you think there is any chance that these products are trying to eliminate non-natural elements from my mouth, i.e. metal fillings?


Well, what you mean with metal fillings. I hope not Amalgam. Because that is very toxic and even for bitten in some countries e.g. like Sweden.


Gold or ceramic crones are much better and more natural….


I highly doubt that you loose the fillings because of Claybrite or AlkaHerb!


I found some good tips for gum problems: Clean your gums and teeth with AlkaBath very carefully and let is work for some time in your mouth. The high alkalinity of the bath salt kills all germs. 

Also tea tree oil is very good for gums and tooth care.

Colloidal silver is a medieval antibiotic remedy.

Complementing Your Alkaline Foods with Alkaline Full Body/Foot Baths

Posted on : 27-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Purification is a Valuable Addition to Alkaline Foods, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods



Did you know that your body is the largest organ for cleansing and purification??

Did you know that babies, famous for their soft skin, bathe in alkaline amniotic fluid in their mothers womb for 10 month??

Did you know that Dr. Jentschura AlkaBath Bath salts with 8 precious stones creates a high energy, high alkaline solution which helps your body to eliminate low ph-level acids and impurities via the chemical principle of Osmosis?

Understand that you really can help your body cleanse and get rid of impurities and toxins with long foot and full bath… The longer the better!!!
The record holds a German fellow who bathed 7 hours (each hour you put in another table spoon of AlkaBath to raise the water’s ph-level). When he started his marathon bathe he suffered from bloody hemorrhoids and after his bathe they were gone!

I am not telling you to quit your job in order to take full bath all day but I am really inviting you to help your body to detox with full/foot bath as much as you can. At least twice a week for 30-60 min.
After each bath you will feel like a baby!! My promise.

Foot bath are very good also. There is a German saying: Feet are the auxiliary kidneys. People who are familiar with foot reflexiology know about the importance of the feet!

Today I also have to promote some extremly valuable products by Dr. Jentschura:
AlkalineStockings, AlkalineCuffs and AlkalineFleeceMask (please visit our website at www.YouInFocusProducts.com) These products work with the same chemical principle of Osmosis and enable you to cleanse your feet, legs, arms and face whenever and whereever you like, even while sleeping.

Using Dr. Jentschura AlkaBath Salts help you

– Detoxify and cleanse your body by stimulating the skin and the mucous membranes to eliminate acids and
– Activate the self-oiling process of the skin
– Tighten loose tissue
– Calm and care for irritated or overexposed and sunburned skin
– Relax your body after sports by eliminating the lactic acid
– Support regeneration
– Purifies your body by stimulating the skin and the mucous membranes to eliminate acids and toxins
– Calms and cares for irritated skin

Enjoy feeling clean and fresh like a baby again!

Alkaline Foods Can Help You Treating Infertility

Posted on : 17-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Infertility and Alkaline Foods, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Speaking from our own experience starting the alkaline diet will help you with your wish to become pregnant.

We explained in “What deteriorates our health and beauty” that all of our vital functions are due to a balance of alkaline and acids.

A radical change of diet and the triple jump of purification (cleansing with 7×7 AlkaHerb, purification with alkaline applications based on AlkaBath, regeneration with Wurzelkraft andMorgenStund´) will completely boost all of your vital forces.

My wife and I tried to become pregnant for about 2 years. Nothing happend. Then we both intensivly started the Dr. Jentschura cure: eating WurzelKraft, taking regularly long full bath and drinking lots of AlkaBath tea. And luckily we become pregnant and shortly after the birth of our first son my wife become pregnant again (although some people told us: while breast feading you cannot get pregnant).

If couples tried to get a baby for years and gone through a lot of hardship, frustration and stress it is also very important to release that stress and start anew. Stress causes large amounts of acids in our bodies. Releasing stress is like a refreshing and relaxing bath with AlkaBath: in the beginning you still feel the stress in your body but then you can let warmly go of the past. And you start to feel the love rising in your body which is not dependent on any circumstance in your life…

Daily Plan to Activate Your Life Forces

Alkaline brushing of hands and feet
Dry brushing in the direction of elimination
2-3 cups of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) and non-carbonated water
1 portion of MorgenStund´
3-5 teaspoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)

During the Day
2-3 cups of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) and non-carbonated water
2-5 teaspoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Bath with MeineBase (AlkaBath) (once or twice a week)
Alkaline shower, peeling with MeineBase (AlkaBath), alkaline wrap
regular aerobic exercise: yoga, swimming, walking
laughing and enjoying life

1 cup of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) and non-carbonated water
3-5 teaspoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
1 footbath with MeineBase (AlkaBath), duration 30-45 minutes

During the Night
AlkalineStockings and/or cuffs as often as possible

Toxins, Our Weight And The Effects of Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 20-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods, What you Should Know About Toxins and Alkaline Foods...


In today’s world, we’re exposed to a myriad of toxins and pollution.
These come from things as diverse as the off-gassing of new carpet, the exhaust of automobiles, and residues of herbicides and pesticides in our food and water. (The list goes on.)

Internally, our bodies are very sensitive and easily recognize the difference between the beneficial nutrients we get in our food and the toxic chemicals we’re exposed to that get into our bodies. The difficult part is getting the toxins out of our system once they’re in.
If our physiology isn’t strong, there may not be the energy and resource to remove the toxins.

Having toxins in our bodies can be like coming home to a dirty house after a long day at work and having guests due to arrive in just a few minutes. In an attempt to tidy things up with the time and energy we have, we may just toss a lot of the mess into a nearby closet, leaving the proper sorting and cleaning for later when we have more time and energy. When our bodies are faced with more to clean up than there seems time and energy for, the nearby closets they use to “tidy things up” are fatty tissues. Our bodies toss the toxins into our fat to keep them “out of harms way.” Our bodies know there’s much less danger with the toxins stored in the fat than floating through our bloodstream and vital organs.

In this way, fat is our friend. By holding onto our fat stores, even in the midst of dieting, our vital organs and tissues are protected from the damaging effects of the toxins and pollutants.
To ensure our organs are safe from these toxins, our bodies
(intelligently) raise the fat thermostat. This means that when
we want to lose weight by starting a diet, our bodies fight to keep the fat in place in order to protect us from the toxins. This is the struggle many dieters experience in trying to get that extra weight off.

Cleanse at a Cellular Level

So, how can we lower the fat thermostat to drop the extra
pounds and do it in a way that’s healthy?
It’s a simple matter of cleansing out those toxins at the
cellular level.
We highly recommand eating cleansing whole foods.
Here’s how it works:
Cleansing whole foods are highly alkaline and our bodies need to be alkaline to be healthy. By eating more alkaline foods, our tissues are
gradually and gently cleansed of acidic by-products and waste.

Make sure to drink lots of low mineralised water. That helps a lot!!!