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Getting Serious About Alkaline Foods: How to Measure Your Ph-level??

Posted on : 24-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Being serious with Alkaline Foods: How to measure your PH-level?, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


We received a very good question:

Is testing urine a good way to determine my Ph? If not, what is a good way to test it at home? If it is, and I am eating more alkaline foods this week than last week and my urine Ph has gone further into acidity, could it be because my body it excreting more acid through the urine? I am a little confused by this issue. The same question if testing the skin or saliva for Ph.

Thanks for your insite. Could you email an answer or send a link to this page? thanks. Zutt5


If you like to measure your ph-level the best way is to measure your urine in the morning.
It should be between 6.4 and 6.7.

If you are under this value you should/could take care of that: shifting your diet and life style towards alkaline. Go green: lots of vegetables, green salads, green smoothies, very good herbal teas….

Your diet should be 80% alkaline generating and 20% acidic generating.
And now here comes the important part: The change should be for a longer period of time until you will see a change.

Because we usually suffer from decades of acidic life style: unhealthy food, too much or too little body exercise, strong negative emotions (which do create acidity also)

If your urine ph-level is always over 6.7 you should see a doctor because it could be that your kidneys (responsible for absorbing and filtering minerals out of the urine) are not working properly.

Also your ph-level will explode if you drink the alkaline drink (made out of baking soda, water and maple syrup).But: This is only a fire made out of straw. To clean up all the toxins stored in the fatty tissue and our organs we need lots of organic minerals and also a very good cleansing tea. And we need to do this over a long time!

I often tell my clients: People invest tens of thousands in their cars and houses but ignore their bodies.

Dr. Jentschura always says that we could and should become 100-120 years old and then die peacefully instead of dying after long years of disease and agony in a hospital.

In your question you asked that although you had a alkaline diet your ph-level went down.

That may have been caused by different reasons:
Anger, frustration, lack of exercise, physical overexertion.
But also perhaps you had cleansing tea which released a lot of acids, toxins and impurities.
And also drinking very green juices made from cleansing herbs really causes your body to release acidity.

In any way,  keep on doing what you started. Most of us suffer from long years in ignorance that we are living an acidic life style. To start a change is immediate, but to regenerate takes time.

Kindest regards