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Clean Foods and Drinks

Posted on : 01-12-2017 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Alkaline Expert Interview, Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Body Care, How Alkaline Foods can help with constipation, How Organic Supplements can help your Alkaline Diet...


We believe in mother nature: our bodies are running great with lots of spring water and of course lots of movement/exercise.

And the main emphasis should be on greens, organic salads, veggies, juices and smoothies. Our body needs the organic, bio available minerals to chemically buffer toxins/acids. That is the real “alkaline” movement. Because of a very acidic life style with poor diet, little exercise and lots of stress people are mineral depleted.

We do not recommend chemically, synthetically generated mineral/vitamins because the body can absorb only little of those. E.g. women who take calcium supplements have a 30% increased risk of heart attack.

Sea water is alkaline and rich in minerals but if you drink only sea water you die in a few days because of kidney failure. Last week a woman contacted me because of her kidney stones. She had been taking lots of a very expensive “alkaline mineral powder” for 1,5 years. Not good.

Again, try to only ingest foods and drinks you fully understand without a chemistry degree 🙂

Here is more info on organic vs inorganic minerals:

Organic and inorganic Minerals – what’s the difference?

by Peita Handel, BSc, Ad. Dip. (Herbal Medicine)

We often think of ‘organic’ in terms of chemical and hormone-free produce. But when we talk about minerals, the term organic relates to the type of molecule it’s bound to.

These ‘extra’ molecules are needed because minerals are not simply absorbed on their own, they need another molecule to help them get into and around the body. The type of molecule bound to your mineral affects how it is absorbed and utilised by your body.

Mineral supplements, why bother in the first place?
Because we often just don’t get enough. For example, many Australian adults consume less than the average recommended dietary intakes (RDIs) for both zinc and magnesium. You are at particular risk of not meeting your mineral needs if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, female over 65, vegetarian, vegan or an athlete.

Key minerals that your body needs:
• Magnesium: nerve and muscle function, bone health, carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, blood glucose regulation, cardiovascular health

• Calcium: bone mineralisation, density and strength, dental health, premenstrual syndrome, nerve and muscle function

• Zinc: healthy immune function, reproductive health, healthy hair, skin and nails, wound healing, digestive function, vision, hearing, sense of taste and smell

• Iron: tissue oxygenation, energy production, immune function, connective tissue health, cardiovascular health

When you consider magnesium is needed for over 500 enzyme reactions in your body, you can see why getting enough of this mineral is so important. Where it gets tricky is knowing what to look for when faced with shelves displaying a range of different compounds for similar sounding products. There might well be a dozen different types of magnesium supplement, but what is the difference?

The main differentiating factor is whether a compound is organic or inorganic. Understanding this is key when choosing a mineral supplement that delivers, because not all are created equal.

So what is an organic mineral?
An organic mineral is a compound containing organic food-based acids, such as amino acids and citric acid. For example, calcium bound to the amino acid glycinate forms the organic compound calcium glycinate.

Mineral supplements often contain inorganic (rock-based) minerals as these are cheaper to produce. Calcium bound to phosphate makes calcium phosphate, which has different properties to its organic counterpart.

Inorganic minerals are difficult to absorb
Put basically, molecules are more stable when holding hands with a buddy. A free unbound mineral will wander looking for something with the opposite charge to grab onto to.

Inorganic compounds are broken down by your body very quickly and dissociate more readily, and this leaves the unbound mineral in a more reactive and less stable state.

It can then interact in your digestive system in the following ways:

• Bind to other compounds – unbound minerals bind with other molecules such as phytates found in nuts, grains and some vegetables. They form a new compound and this traps the mineral from absorption and utilisation by your body.

• Irritate the gut – unbound minerals can also interact and irritate with the lining of your digestive system and this sometimes causes a laxative effect or diarrhoea.

Organic minerals are generally absorbed better
Organic minerals break down more slowly, and this increases their stability. A mineral that remains bound for longer is less reactive and goes where it is meant to, offering two main benefits:

• Higher bioavailability – organic mineral compounds can travel along the gut without getting trapped by other compounds.

• Decreased gut irritation – a bound mineral is less reactive and so less likely to irritate the gut lining like freed minerals can.

Ask The Alkaline Foods Guy: Why do I need "Organic" Supplements? What Kind?

Posted on : 19-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods: Alkalizing Your Body, How Alkaline Foods can help with constipation, How Organic Supplements can help your Alkaline Diet...


1. Why is it so important to take organic supplements? What is WurzelKraft?

The product WurzelKraft consists of one hundred plants, which means it contains countless vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other vital substances. Our own body is an organism and needs these for its development, maintenance or regeneration.

We therefore work on the assumption that the body will seek precisely the substances it needs at the moment from this rich offering. And with the enormous variety of vital substances on offer, our organism can also create all the enzymes it needs for its metabolism. The same applies to all the structures of the cells, tissues, ligaments, sinews and bones that it can build using the substances supplied by WurzelKraft. This rich range of vital substances, trace elements and minerals enables the organism to regenerate itself. This applies not only to its structures, but also to its functions. Today for instance a number of young diabetics can suffer a reduction in their potency, even when they are as young as 30. For this sexual function too WurzelKraft, if seven to twelve tablespoons are taken daily, or more for some people, is a valuable and valued ally for many people, whether they are diabetics or older men.

2. Is WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) an addition to our diet, a food supplement or a food?

According to our intellectual understanding and the relevant legal situation, the product WurzelKraft is a food. WurzelKraft is an omni-molecular food, because this product and the one hundred plants it consists of certainly contain all the vital substances, trace elements, minerals and vitamins that nature can offer us.

WurzelKraft does not contain any artificially manufactured vitamins or minerals, has no synthetic aromas, and contains no preservatives, colorings etc.

The product has not undergone any chemical, heat treatment or any other physical treatment or production processes.

3. Can you overdose on the product WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) and do yourself harm?

By the laws of healthy common sense, you can not overdose on taking WurzelKraft. Unless you were to eat an entire bucket full in a single day.

WurzelKraft is an omni-molecular food and above all it is unadulterated. The product contains minerals, vitamins and countless vital substances from one hundred unadulterated plants. The higher the quantity of WurzelKraft consumed daily, the better for the organism, its organs and their functions, for the metabolism, regeneration and vitality.

4. How many calories does WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) contain?

WurzelKraft contains 386 kcal per 100 g.

A teaspoon containing 3 g of WurzelKraft contains around 12 kcal, a tablespoon with around 12 g of WurzelKraft contains between 45 and 50 kcal.

5. Can you also use WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) in cooking and baking?

WurzelKraft should not be any hotter than 45° Celsius. Above this temperature the quality of vitamins and enzymes, amino acids and the complex and very delicate vegetable substances deteriorates.

You should therefore neither cook nor bake using WurzelKraft. But you can sprinkle the granulate onto pizzas or Mexican dishes, and also over salads or into soups.

WurzelKraft should also not be used in baking. But when cookies or pastry are still hot you can brush a mixture of WurzelKraft and honey onto them and leave to dry. To ensure your metabolism is at its best from breakfast to lunch, you can also stir WurzelKraft into your MorgenStund breakfast porridge, but only once your porridge has cooled down to eating temperature.

6. Why can you not buy WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) in capsule form?

Our company produces only natural products. The gelatin that is usually used in capsules generally comes from the bones of cattle. Especially since the time of BSE this is not a substance that we want to introduce into the human organism.

Administering the product in capsule form would also make it substantially more expensive. Ultimately the consumer would get half of the weight they had bought in WurzelKraft, and the other half as cheap capsule gelatin, yet due to the cost WurzelKraft would have to become more expensive. This is not the way we work, or our philosophy!

7. Is it better to eat WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) on its own, or mixed with juices or other foods?

Eating WurzelKraft on its own with just your saliva offers a great advantage for your metabolism. When the dry granulate is mixed with saliva the first stage of digestion takes place and this is improved through your chewing at the same time.

However, a lot of people have only a small saliva flow and are also not used to the natural vegetable taste of WurzelKraft, so they tend to prefer mixing it with water, juices or soups.

It is important that you sprinkle WurzelKraft onto foods once they have cooled down. They should not be any warmer than body temperature, as above around 50o C the fine structures of the vitamins and the very delicate plant components such as flavonoids, alkaloids etc. are damaged.

8. Is it possible to suffer from flatulence after taking WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)?

For people with a lot of waste material in their intestines it is certainly possible that gas may form. But the body isn’t doing anything wrong in this case; in fact it is doing something right!

With the metabolism activated by the WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) and the immune system of the intestine reinforced by taking WurzelKraft, your body is splitting the waste material in the intestine into gas and water, with the help of the bacteria which colonize the intestine. It is rather like room service coming to clean your room in a hotel.

If you have flatulence after taking WurzelKraft, then you are well on the way to cleansing your intestines. Eat more WurzelKraft, drink more 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb), drink more water and do stomach massages. Jump on the trampoline and do regular knee bends!

The flatulence will soon diminish. Your intestines will cleanse themselves. And it is possible that as the waste materials disappear from your intestine, not only will the flatulence disappear as well, but also many other ailments which have afflicted you.

Taking WurzelKraft has also been shown to have another advantage. The mixture contains a number of herbs which have the effect of repelling parasites. Many people who have a buildup of waste products have all sorts of smaller or larger parasites in their body, which will soon flee from these herbs.

We have also heard about this phenomenon of repelling parasites from animal breeders, and especially from dog breeders. When WurzelKraft is mixed into their food, dachshunds and other breeds not only lose their worms, but they also get a wonderful glossy coat and clear, shining eyes. It is possible that they also had wind before the parasites went, but we have not had any reports of this.

9. Which minerals and vitamins does P. Jentschura WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) contain?

According to laboratory analysis, WurzelKraft contains the minerals zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, chromium and iodine. It can however be assumed that the one hundred plants in this product contain all the trace elements which occur naturally, in other words substance such as lithium, lanthanum, indium, hafnium, molybdenum, manganese etc.

In terms of vitamins, WurzelKraft contains the vitamins A, B1, B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and B17, vitamins C, D2, D3, vitamin E, K1 and the vitamins niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid.

10. What are the effects of the product P. Jentschura WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)?

Through the targeted combination of one hundred unadulterated plants from our heavenly planet, WurzelKraft is a comprehensive, omni-molecular food and thus a general provider for our entire organism and metabolism.

The unique variety of vital substances the product contains is suitable for building our cells and organs, our blood vessels and joints in childhood, looking after them throughout our adult years and regenerating them in our old age or whenever needed.

By means of these substances, not only are the structures of our organism maintained, but also regeneration and convalescence are supported. In this way WurzelKraft is able to make an important contribution to our beauty and health. With the help of this product, the mineral deposits in our body, hair and scalp, our nails and teeth, skin and blood, our veins, bones, capsules and tendons can be topped up and maintained.

These mineral deposits are like the treasure stored of our organism. If we consider the body to be the temple of our soul, then these mineral deposits are the pillars of this beautiful temple.

Unfortunately nowadays our bodies not only contain buildups of waste products, but also are often infested with parasites. These are very successfully repelled by the herbs contained in the product WurzelKraft.

Sometimes WurzelKraft can also cause flatulence. This happens because the countless vital substances in WurzelKraft regenerate the immune system of the intestine and the bacteria which colonize it. These are then capable of separating out the waste products that were previously stored in the intestine, which are separated into acids and minerals.

The acids in turn are separated into gases and water. This is the entirely logical consequence of the “metabolism”. The waste products represent the solid state. This is transferred into the liquid state of the acids, and this in turn is transferred into the gaseous state of the flatulence. This is your metabolism in action!

11. Can WurzelKraft also be used with allergies?

Theoretically WurzelKraft can be regarded generally as an allergen, in other words as an unavoidable trigger of allergies. However in practice it is an excellent anti-allergic agent, and this has been shown in medical practice. As an example, read the first hand report of the German doctor Dr. med. Hansgünter Englisch, which we have reproduced in the glossary of this website under “Allergies”.

In theory his patient was allergic to approximately twelve substances, but the doctor relied on the effect of WurzelKraft in strengthening the defensive mechanism and regenerating the entire organism and metabolism. And eating WurzelKraft did not trigger any allergic reaction.

It is certainly sensible for anyone suffering from allergies not to take their WurzelKraft on its own, but to mix it in water, vegetable juice or fruit juice and then consume it.

It is also possible to start by taking small quantities at mealtimes, such as a knife tip three times a day, and then to increase this after one or two weeks to one teaspoon three times a day.

Alkaline Foods Helps With Constipation

Posted on : 17-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : How Alkaline Foods can help with constipation, Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Many people suffer now and again, or even for many years, from chronic constipation. More women than men are affected by this ailment. This problem often starts gradually and leads to a feeling of fullness, a distended stomach and a general feeling of being unwell, right through to cramp-like pains when passing a stool and the development of hemorrhoids, especially with hard stools. People who are affected usually go to the toilet less than three times a week.

If serious organic reasons for constipation have been ruled out, then not drinking enough, a lack of minerals such as magnesium, lack of exercise, mental problems and also some drugs could play a role in the causes. Insufficient time or going to the toilet in the wrong place can also often prevent the bowels being emptied healthily.

A major cause of constipation is a diet which is heavy in acids, due to excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, candy, crisps, fast food, meat, fish, cooked meats etc. This can result in a lack of the important fiber we obtain from vegetables, raw foods, fruit and wholegrain products such as amaranth, quinoa, millet etc. which on the one hand increases our feeling of fullness and on the other hand retains water in the intestines, increases the volume of the stools and through the increased pressure stimulates digestive activity.

Alongside the kidneys, the lungs and the skin, the intestine is a primary elimination organ. With lasting constipation, the elimination function of this major organ more or less ceases. The resultant back pressure of acids and toxins also leads to decomposition and fermentation in the intestine, with negative consequences on our health. Inflammation of the intestines, overweight, cellulite, fungal infestations, back pain, menstruation problems etc. can develop as a result.

What can be done against constipation?

Acid generating substances should be reduced or avoided. You should also stop smoking and reduce your stress level.

An adequate and alkaline-generating diet including plenty of vegetables, salad, raw foods, fruit and seeds encourages our digestive processes in a natural way due to the fiber content. When eating you should ensure you chew thoroughly, because as the saying goes, “chewing well is half way to digesting”.

Taking four tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) during the day has proved to be helpful. The powder from the one hundred plants it contains encourages digestive activity in a fully natural way. Taking at least two teaspoons of flax seeds in a glass of water in the evening has also been shown to help the digestion by the next morning. The mixture should be drunk down as quickly as possible.

To help the digestion first thing in the morning, we highly recommend MorgenStund´ millet and buckwheat porridge, with the addition of several teaspoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife), fruit, nuts and perhaps a dash of cream, soya milk or rice milk.

At midday raw foods and salad can best be digested, and in the evening you are recommended to eat steamed vegetables with potatoes, millet etc., a hotpot or vegetable soup. The evening meal should not be too generous and should not be eaten later than 19.00 so that the intestine is not unnecessarily overloaded and intestinal fermentation overnight is avoided.

Flax seeds, semen plantaginis, can also be used for constipation, but are only effective when taken with plenty of non-carbonated water. Ribwort seeds can also be taken – mix one heaped teaspoon of these seeds in a glass of water, stir well and drink it down immediately.

Dried prunes which have been soaked in water are also a proven domestic remedy for constipation.

In general it is important to drink 1.5-2 litres of non-carbonated water during the day, and in addition 0.5-1.5 litres of 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) is recommended to loosen any intestinal waste. If necessary an occasional alkaline drink can also be helpful.

Alkaline foot baths and full baths support the elimination of acids and harmful substances via the skin. Two to three foot baths a week are recommended, or the alkaline stockings and 1 full bath a week. Brushing the body in the elimination direction during the alkaline baths has also proved to be useful. The abdomen should be brushed downwards.

Alkaline enemas are a gentle and natural way of cleansing the large intestine. 7×7 KräuterTee (7×7 AlkaHerb) with a pinch of MeineBase (AlkaBath) is recommended as an enema fluid.

Regular exercise in the fresh air also encourages digestion and counteracts constipation. A very helpful form of exercise is regular jumping on the trampoline. Have a jump before breakfast, before lunch and before your evening meal for two to three minutes as far as possible. This works wonders, either for constipation or for shifting flatulence.

On a deeper level constipation could also be a sign for a deep holding, a deep fear of letting go of control over ones life. If we are constantly trying to forcefully control every aspect of our life we soon loose deep joy and love. Instead of spontanious we become controlling and fearful.
Since we believe that body, mind and soul are very connected only we as honesty and love can heal us completely…