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List of Acid vs. Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 19-07-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Alkaline Foods: Alkalizing Your Body, Why the Alkaline-Acid Food List is impotant for the Alkaline Diet


Alkaline generating foods should be 80 % of our daily diet and acid generating foods should be about 20 %.

Today most North American citizens DO have a 80 % ACIDIC diet.

Your change to a healthy diet should be also healthy!

Please do not create more stress in your life in trying to forcefully avoid all the “unhealthy” acidic stuff!
Do not create war in yourself. A good change is for the good and it should come from a deep fundament inside. I should be for love not for putting pressure on yourself. So slowly, slowly change your for the better.

20% of your diet is still supposed to be acidic. If you would eat just alkaline you would be soon getting very tired of life. And I mean it: we need acid foods. Otherwise we will be soon very unhealthy too. And it will start with getting physically tired.

As I often say: Life is all about balance! Enjoy it!

So, here is the list of alkaline and acidic generating foods:

– As a rule of thumb, in one day, balance with 80% Alkaline-generating food and 20% Acid-generating food

Alkaline Generating Foods



Chard-Collard-Greens-Cucumbers-Dulce-Eggplant-Fermented (Vegetables)-Garlic-Kale-Kohlrabi

Lettuce – (All)-Mustard-Greens-Onion- Parsnips-Peppers-Pumpkin-Rutabaga/Turnip-Sea Vegetables

Snap-Peas-Spinach-Sprouts-Squashes-Sweet Potatoes-Watercress-Wild Greens


Apples-Apricots-Avocadoes-Bananas-Berries – (All) Cantaloupe-Cherries-Currants-Dates/Figs/Raisins

Grapefruit-Grapes-Kiwi-Lemons-Limes-Mango-Melons – (All) Nectarines-Oranges-Papaya-Peaches



Almonds-Chestnuts-Flax Seeds-Hemp Seed-Millet-Pumpkin Seeds-Sprouted Seeds-Squash Seeds

Sunflower Seeds-Tempeh – (Fermented) Whey-Protein Powder -Yogurt


Alfalfa- Alkaline-Water -Apple Cider Vinegar- Banchi Tea-Barley Grass-Bee Pollen-Chlorella

Coconut Oil-Dandelion Tea-Dandelions-Fresh Fruit Juices-Ginseng Tea-Green Juices-Green Tea

Herbal Tea-Kombucha-Lecithin Granules-Mineral Water-Probiotic Cultures-Vegetable Juices

Wheat Grass




Chilli Peppers-Cinnamon-Curry-Ginger-Herbs (All)


-Miso-Mustard-Sea Salt-Tamari-


Daikon-Dandelion Root-Kombu-Maitake-Nori-Reishi-Sea Vegetables-Shitake-Umeboshi-Wakame

Acid Generating Foods


Avocado Oil-Canola Oil-Corn Oil-Flax Oil-Hemp Seed Oil-Lard-Margarine-Olive Oil-Peanut Oil-Safflower Oil

Sesame Oil-Shortening-Sunflower Oil




Amaranth-Barley-Bran-Oats All-Quinoa-Rice (All)-Rice Cakes-Wheat/White Flour


Butter-Cheese Cottage-Cheese Cow-Cheese Goat-Cheese Processed-Ice Cream-Milk


Brazil Nuts-Cashews-Peanut Butter-Peanuts-Pecans-Rice Milk-Soy Milk-Tahini Paste-Walnuts


Bacon-Beef-Chicken-Corned Beef-Cottage Cheese-Eggs-Fish-Lamb-Pork-Rabbit-Sausage-Shell Fish (Scallops,Mussels, Lobster,Shrimp, Clams &Oysters)-Turkey-Veal-Venison


Corn Pasta-Egg Noodles-Rice Pasta-White Pasta-Whole Wheat Pasta


White Flour Bread-Coffee-Condiments-Corn Syrup-Crackers-Distilled Vinegar-Dry Coconut-Potatoes

Soft Drinks-Sugar (All)-Wheat Germ



Chemicals-Drugs (All)-Herbicides-Pesticides




Black Beans-Chick Peas-Green Peas-Kidney Beans-Lentils-Lima Beans-Pinto Beans-Red Beans-Soy Beans

White Beans

Comments (4)

Is testing urine a good way to determine my Ph? If not, what is a good way to test it at home? If it is, and I am eating more alkaline foods this week than last week and my urine Ph has gone further into acidity, could it be because my body it excreting more acid through the urine? I am a little confused by this issue. The same question if testing the skin or saliva for Ph.
Thanks for your insite. Could you email an answer or send a link to this page? thanks. Zutt5

I have read avocado and quinoa are alkaline foods….no?

Hi Denise,
sorry for getting back to you so late!

I believe avocado and quinoa are alkaline generating.

Generally speaking you find all these lists of alkaline/acidic foods all over the internet. Some authors contradict each other with their analysis about some foods. I tend to be not dogmatic about single food items. I recommend to listen primarily to your bodies own intelligence and sensitivity. The cleaner and healthier we get the more our body becomes the antenna for what is good for it in each moment of life.

please read our post concerning different foods on the alkalinedietguy and see the list.
But: there a lots of lists on the internet with different opinions about different foods and their ph-generating effect.
Finally you let the intelligence of your body decide what is good for you…

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