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Alkaline Foods Being Promoted in Vitality Magazine

Posted on : 14-03-2013 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized



Please take the time to read this article about Dr. Jentschura’s world famous 3 steps to alkalinity:

Vitality Magazine

Read here about Dr Jentschura

Enjoy lots of alkaline rich foods to improve your vitality.
Some MDs say that it does not matter what kind of foods you eat because everything will be changed by the acidity of your stomack. So it does not matter what you eat because your health does not depend on your diet. But if doctors prescribe you pills and they are ingested they will heal you. If do not find that very logical.

Alkaline Diet by Dr. Jentschura

Posted on : 01-03-2013 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Dr. h.c. Jentschura (PhD), a German biochemist with over 30 years of research, has designed an alkaline purification and regeneration program that purifies the body and boosts overall health and vitality.

Environment, lifestyle, and dietary choices can result in a buildup of acids and toxins that harm our health. Fibrous capsules surrounding joints and organs, as well as organs themselves, can become filled with harmful and corrosive ‘neutral salts,’ also known as ‘impurities.’

That is why Dr. Jentschura created the “Triple Jump to Purification” for successful regeneration. In three simple steps, purification has the following benefits:

Step 1. Impurity deposits are dissolved into their individualized components by consuming a specific herbal tea blend of Dr. Jentschura’s 7×7 AlkaHerb;

Step 2. Loosened acids and toxins are neutralized and metabolized by using Dr. Jentschura’s Wurzel­Kraft, a super food formula with one hundred healing and regenerating herbs and plants; and

Step 3. Elimination of neutralized harmful substances occurs via skin and mucous membranes in alkaline body care applications using Dr. Jentschura’s Alka­Bath.

The “Triple Jump” allows one to successfully loosen, metabolize, and eliminate years of deposited impurities without the usual discomfort and is specifically designed to work gently. If you suffer from illness, to avoid any strain on the body, as well as an initial worsening or healing crises, you simply switch the ranking of the “Triple Jump” by starting the alkalizing program with the second and third steps.

alkaline foods are great for your body.

The body’s healing and regenerative potential is optimized through a wholesome, mostly alkaline diet in assistance with 3-10 Tbsp of Dr. Jentschura’s WurzelKraft. If indicated, the daily dose can be increased to 12 Tbsp. After a period of 1-4 weeks, one may begin to dissolve impurities as outlined in step 1. One begins with small amounts of Dr. Jentschura’s AlkaHerb tea and slowly increases the dose until they reach the desired quantity of 1-1.5 litres/day. One must also make sure to drink an additional 1-2 cups of water per cup of AlkaHerb tea to assist in the removal of harmful substances from the body. Lastly the alkaline body care makes a huge difference in how you feel throughout your purification process. The more alkaline baths and foot baths the better! Regular alkaline body care allows acids and toxins to be eliminated from the body’s fluids therefore providing relief.

People can choose a purification program that best suits them. 10, 20 or 30 days is usually the norm, however, it is perfectly safe and desirable to perform the “Triple Jump” for several months at a time.

Tips for the Daily Diet

Consume 80% alkaline-generating foods. Through a primarily vegetarian mineral-enriched, alkaline-generating, plant-based diet with lots of greens, organic vegetables, salads, smoothies, juices and some fruit. Regeneration is made possible through these types of foods as well as seeds and nuts. These foods fill our precious mineral reserves and maintain health and beauty.

Dr. Jentschura’s regenerating WurzelKraft is considered an ‘omni-molecular’ food, derived from numerous plants which contain high amounts of nutrients. This amount of bio-available nutrients gives the food its name: In Latin “omni” means all and “molecular” means molecules. So WurzelKraft contains all the molecules our body requires for optimal health.

The rest of the diet could be 20% acid-generating foods and beverages.

Dr. Jentschura’s alkalizing program is recommended by hundreds of medical and naturopathic doctors worldwide. His book, Health by Purification is an international bestseller. P. Jentschura Products are available in specialty health food stores throughout Canada. For more information on obtaining an alkaline lifestyle and disease recovery protocol, contact me.

Bring Back The Body’s Normal Chemical Balance By Means Of Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 14-01-2011 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


The food you eat does more than nourish and energize you. It also affects the chemical composition of your body. If it goes out of balance, particularly turning predominantly acidic, a host of health problems can ensue. When this happens, there are a lot of approaches to restore the balance. And one of them is through the consumption of alkaline foods.

Such chemical imbalance can be identified by certain signs and symptoms. Some include headaches, listlessness and fatigue. You will also experience recurring allergies and sicknesses such as fever and colds. There are many other problems linked to excessive acidity of the body, from minor to fatal ones.

As mentioned earlier, one way of restoring this chemical balance within you is through consumption of food high in alkalinity. Doing so will neutralize the unwanted amounts of acid trapped inside the body. As a general rule of thumb, three-fourths of what you eat should be composed of those that are high in alkalinity.

But before we discuss what you need to eat plenty of, let’s go through some of the things you have to avoid. Some of them include meat, meat products, seafood, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and all instant and processed items. The problem is many people find it hard to completely shun away from all these as they’re simply hard to resist.

Now let’s go to the good stuff – those which you should have plenty of. Some recommendable vegetables include cabbage, radish, carrots, spinach, garlic, turnip, asparagus, onions, celery, cucumber and leeks. Fruits you should consume include lemon, avocado, watermelon, apples, banana, grapes, peach and grapefruit.

Some other things you can add to the list of alkaline foods include seeds, nuts and grains. There are also healthy types of oils you can have, including coconut, flax and olive oil. If you research for a similar list online, slight variations may be observed. Your best bet is to stick to dark, green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits that are organically grown.

Alkaline Foods And Diet Tips for Pregnancy

Posted on : 19-11-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized



by Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura

Pregnancy can be an especially happy time in a woman’s life, but it can also cause problems.

Right from the start of pregnancy, a woman is in a situation where her own metabolism has abruptly changed. Her periods have stopped and the future child is growing in the amniotic sac. This situation requires the previous quantity of minerals and vital substances taken to be tripled.

The pregnant woman wants to maintain her health and beauty, and has the normal needs for this. As she is not having her monthly periods, the acids and harmful substances in the body which were previously eliminated remain in the body and have to be metabolized internally, which means the quantity of minerals and vital substances taken has to be doubled.

But the growing child also needs to develop its body, which means that the consumption of vital substances and energy-rich minerals has to be tripled. Five to twelve tablespoons of WurzelKraft aromatic or fruity (AlkaLife aromatic or fruity) a day are appropriate. This granulate made from 100 untreated plants can be taken as it is, or diluted with juices, soups or water.

Another source of vital substances which is very rich in contents is the breakfast porridge MorgenStund’. Give yourself the energy-rich vital substances from the eight ingredients in this great tasting breakfast porridge every morning. Your digestion, metabolism and the appearance of your skin will thank you for it. You can also feed your baby MorgenStund’ from the age of ten months. There can scarcely be a healthier porridge for babies and young children.

With this supply of valuable vital substances the pregnant woman will avoid spots and cellulite, hemorrhoids, losing teeth and hair, and the dreaded stretch marks.

A second way of maintaining health and beauty during pregnancy are the alkaline applications which can be carried out almost as a substitute for menstruation. As well as alkaline full baths, the most important and helpful alkaline applications are alkaline foot baths, AlkalineStockings and alkaline compresses on the stomach.

By using these methods of tripling the intake of vital substances and the alkaline menstruation substitute, a pregnant woman can successfully maintain her health and beauty, and also have a healthy and intelligent child with a birth free from complications.

As well as this, during pregnancy you should avoid food and drink which contains a lot of acid, such as cola drinks and candy, cooking salt, strong spices, pure coffee, alcohol and smoking. You will be glad you did so when you not only maintain your own beauty and health, but also the health and vitality of your child.

Embracing Life, Using Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 01-09-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet


Conscientiously choosing to live the Alkaline Life Style is the first step into and towards a healthy and deeply fulfilled life. But if you just say my goal is to loose 20 pounds to look nice in my new pants! This might not carry you very far! Because loosing the pounds is kind of a shallow thing, you are not carried by a deep power.

It will be most likely that you will kind of fight your cravings to loose the weight and perhaps make it but then most likely gain it again. Then try to loose weight and gain it again…. Very stressful! But to deeply decide to change completely your life towards a better, sweeter and lovelier YOU. That is just great! It might take some years and eventually get very painful inside because we get to be light in our darkest moments. Thats just awesome. Then changing your life towards the Alkaline Life Style is simply good and fulfilling.


There will be pitfalls and disappointments but that makes us just stronger! So a deep and good commitment for the good is crucial! On the physical level there are bricks which we need to build a new body for our new self. Painful aging can and will be stopped and replaced with aging in beauty and dignity without diseases and agony.

Dr. Jentschuras vision is that the human body is created to become 100-120 years old and then we will die in peace. Be responsible for the right choices now for in order to create a good and healthy future.

The choice is now to take care of and to invest in your body in order be happy in your body for the next decades of your life! Instead of short term “fast food emotional satisfaction” lets go for deep soul fulfilling real food. Lets start enjoy life, embrace life, breathe life!

Knowing that stress, anger and frustration create acid in our body we have to take care of soul food: meet lovely people, do Yoga, practice meditation, enjoy joyful action in mother nature!

If you do have deep childhood pain lets learn and love to forgive. Most human being have covered their deep and dark pain in the lower stomach and hips area and are not even aware of it because we all long to be happy and therefor we try to do anything to get away from the pain. But the real way is the opposite: allowing and embracing the pain without indulging in it.

A very good Cranio-Sacral Therapist can be of great help with this. Please contact me if you are in Edmonton.

Dr. Jentschura’s triple jump to health and wellness is a great way to help your body to regenerate and heal itself: Alkaline Cleansing, Alkaline Purification and Alkaline Regeneration really works.

Alkaline Regeneration means to flood and therefor nourish the body with nano-size, organic minerals, vitamins and all vital substances. Change your diet: Go Green. Eat vegetables, green salad, fruits and herbs. Also enjoy dietary supplements like Dr. Jentschura’s WurzelKraft with 100 plants, to refill the mineral deposits (bones, skin, scalp, teeth, tissue) in our body which we robbed due to an over acid north american diet.

Alkaline Purification realizes the fact that the skin is our largest organ for cleansing and purification. Dr. Jentschura AlkaBath with 8 precious stones creates a high energy, high alkaline solutions for full and foot bath with pulls out all toxins and impurities via the principle of Osmosis. It is like a long bath in the ocean. Most people don’t know that as babies we bathe in alkaline solution for 10 month – amniotic fluid got a ph-level of 8.0-8.5 in a healthy mother’s womb.

Alkaline Cleansing uses the powerful cleansing abilities of herbal teas. Dr. Jentschuras AlkaHerb is made out of 49 herbs. But in drinking a very good cleansing tea you need to drink at least 1-2 liters of low mineralized water to help your body eliminate all toxins and impurities.

Knowing that most of you already take care of a good healthy nutrition we would like to encourage you to cleanse your colon. If you had a very bad diet over a long period you can eat the best diet. But your body is not able to absorb the nutrition if your colon is very polluted. We recommend hydro colon therapy but not 3 times a week but 1-3 times a month depending on your state of health. If you feel very healthy you can do even 3 cleanses a week but if you are not very healthy just do 1-2 in the first month.

Invitation to open lectures about Alkaline Foods at Planet Organic

Posted on : 10-10-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


We like to invite you to our open lecture at Planet Organic Edmonton South. Time: 15.October from 6.30 to 8.00 pm.

Second lecture will be in Planet Organic Calgary on the 29.October at 6.30 to 8.00 pm.

All about the alkaline life style…

Everybody speaks about the miracles that happen when you alkalize your body. What the truth about it? What is the difference between an alkaline or acidic life style and how does it affect our health?
We will speak about the different aspects and consequences of living the alkaline life style and discuss the following topics:
What deteriorates our health and wellbeing?
How to stay healthy and beautiful?
Organic vs. inorganic dietary supplements
Responsible pregnancy
Toxins and weight loss

The lecture will be held by Stephan Wilmes aka AlkalineDietGuy. Stephan is an Ayurvedic therapist.
As a young man I loved sports: in team sports I played soccer and basketball. In martial arts, I became German Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Second World Military Boxing Champion. After my professional sports career I finished my Business Degree at the University in Munich, Germany and received the Wacker Chemistry Price for the Best Diploma Thesis.
I am also a Ayurvedic Therapist and used to own the Ayurveda Wellness Center Munich. Knowing the powerful cleansing and healing effects of Ayurvedic Sciences, I really acknowledge the same beneficial value of applying the Dr. P. Jentschura Cure from Germany. The Jentschura cure seems to me more appropriate for our western civilization. That’s why we promote the cure in NorthAmerica.

My biggest hobby is my sweet family: Alice and my kids Linus, Finn and Lilly. In my spare time I am interested in fitness, books, movies and the mystery of life…

Are You Open to Healing Cancer with an Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 24-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Healing Cancer with Alkaline Foods


I personally meet some people who healed their cancer with the alkaline diet!!

Similar to the Ayurvedic Treatment you have to complete change your life style and eating habbits to cure such life treatening disease!

Green vegetarian alkaline diet, colon cleansing, daily hours of alkaline full bath with Dr. Jentschura AlkaBath, moderate excercise in mother nature, releasing deep emotional pain from the past through a cranio-sacral therapy are some of the pillars for the alternative treatment.

Alkaline Drinks also may help a lot to lift the bloods Ph-level. A Alkaline Drink is a glass of water with about 1 tea spoon of Baking Soda and some maple syrup. As a result to the Alkaline Drink the blood is able to transport oxygen and nutrition much better. The drink should be taken at 10.00 am, at 4.00 pm and at 10.00 pm but you should not eat about 1 hour before and after the drink.

This drink is also very good against any pain and headache.

But also notice that the Alkaline Drink is not forever. Crucial is that you fill up your mineral deposits in your body with all organic minerals generated by plants!!! The abundance of minerals, vitamins and all vital substances to your body is essential. But also a colon cleansing (eg. colon-hydro therapy) is very important!

Please consult your ND or MD.

Why Alkaline Foods are great for professional athletes and for you!

Posted on : 18-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Sports and the Value of Alkaline Foods..


so now I adress this topic to you speaking from my experience as a ex pro athlete:
Sports and physical movement are great but should be balanced. A lack of exercise leads to a lack of oxygen and to the build-up of acidity through carbonic acid. Excessive exercise also leads to a lack of oxygen and to acidity in the body; this is the caused by lactic acid. My dad always says: do everything in moderation!
Moderate exercise after work or in your free time removes the built-up carbonic acid and protects the muscles, including the heart.

Aerobic exercise ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygen, maintains the elasticity of our tendons and joints, and strengthens our muscles.

Nutrition is of particular importance to professional athletes. Unfortunately, today’s nutritional and lifestyle habits are mainly composed of acid-forming foods and activities, with excessive consumption of meat, convenience foods, sugar, soft drinks and cooking salt.

There are also the harmful effects of nicotine, alcohol and environmental pollutants. As a result of these acids and toxins, and the acids created through intensive sport, many athletes reach the state of over-acidity too early and therefore the limit of their performance.

This limit can be successfully exceeded with preventative mineralisation, alkaline purification and continuous regeneration, with regard to both health and an increase in performance.

I highly recommand all Dr. Jentschura alkaline generating products to all professional athletes. And I speak out of my experience.
But also we have lots of top athletes in Europe using Dr. Jentschuras products, eg. the Austrian and Swiss National Ski Teams.

Nutrition should consist of 80 % alkaline-generating food and 20 % acid-forming food. Alkaline-generating foods include vegetables, potatoes, fruit, seeds, shoots, nuts, herbal teas, WurzelKraft (AlkaLife), MorgenStund´, vegetable juices, etc. Acid-forming foods include meat, coffee, alcohol, milk and dairy products, confectionery, products made from wheat flour, etc.

Mineralize your body 2-3 hours before exercising with Wurzelkraft and MorgenStund´ (mixed with fruit) and never get sore muscles again if you have a relaxing 30-60 min bath with AlkaBath or using AlkaStockings.

Also try to rub your body with AlkaBath Salts in the shower, let it pull out acids for 5 min and then shower again. Look forward to the results: better performance, quicker regeneration, greater overall wellbeing. We have excellent proof from professionals all over the world.

Before Training
Breakfast with MorgenStund´ plus WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Approx. 2 hours before training: 3-5 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) and extra Alkaline body treatment with: Alkaline salt shower

During Training
Wear AlkalineCuffs

After Training (as soon as possible)
2 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Extra Alkaline body treatment with:
A long alkaline bath
Alkaline footbath
AlkalineStockings during the night

MorgenStund´ for breakfast, as a desert or snack
4-6 tablespoons of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife)
Alkaline body treatment with:
Alkaline baths
Alkaline footbaths
Alkaline inhalations
Alkaline wraps
Alkaline steam bath

Another tip I like to give you is meditation and mental training.
Deep relaxation during meditation (focussing on your heart and deep breathing) really helps with your regeneration. You only can achieve if your are ready to completly letting go of your goals. That sounds mystical but it isn’t. Everybody knows how tightening it is if you just focus and want and want and focus… Life is no fun. And you need fun to be happy and to be successful with your calling.
As life is all about the right balance for other people learning how to focus is crucial. Only if your will, body, mind and soul is aligned we will be completly happy and successful.

Toxins, Weight Loss and Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 07-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Toxins and Our Weight

In today’s world, we’re exposed to a myriad of toxins and pollution.

These come from things as diverse as the off-gassing of new carpet, the exhaust of automobiles, and residues of herbicides and pesticides in our food and water. (The list goes on.)

Internally, our bodies are very sensitive and easily recognize the difference between the beneficial nutrients we get in our food and the toxic chemicals we’re exposed to that get into our bodies. The difficult part is getting the toxins out of our system once they’re in.

If our physiology isn’t strong, there may not be the energy and resource to remove the toxins.

Having toxins in our bodies can be like coming home to a dirty house after a long day at work and having guests due to arrive in just a few minutes. In an attempt to tidy things up with the time and energy we have, we may just toss a lot of the mess into a nearby closet, leaving the proper sorting and cleaning for later when we have more time and energy.

When our bodies are faced with more to clean up than there seems time and energy for, the nearby closets they use to “tidy things up” are fatty tissues. Our bodies toss the toxins into our fat to keep them “out of harms way.” Our bodies know there’s much less danger with the toxins stored in the fat than floating through our bloodstream and vital organs.

In this way, fat is our friend. By holding onto our fat stores, even in the midst of dieting, our vital organs and tissues are protected from the damaging effects of the toxins and pollutants.

To ensure our organs are safe from these toxins, our bodies (intelligently) raise the fat thermostat. This means that when we want to lose weight by starting a diet, our bodies fight to keep the fat in place in order to protect us from the toxins. This is the struggle many dieters experience in trying to get that extra weight off.

Cleansing is great but it has to be correct!

So, how can we lower the fat thermostat to drop the extra pounds and do it in a way that’s healthy? It’s a simple matter of cleansing out those toxins at the cellular level.

It is important ot eat a lot of cleansing alkaline whole foods.

These whole foods are highly alkaline and our bodies need to be alkaline to be healthy. By eating more alkaline foods, our tissues are

gradually and gently cleansed of acidic by-products and waste (toxins).

All love and health to you,


Book Recommendation : A Guide to Spa Treatments; Their Benefits for Health using Alkaline Foods

Posted on : 04-08-2009 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized Alkaline Foods


Concerning the alkaline life style and an alkaline diet we should really enjoy the cleansing and purifying beneficials of spa treatments. For your information please study this:

A Guide to Treatments & Their Benefits for Health & Healing by
Dr. Reinhard R Bergel & Hannelore Leavy

A Guide to Treatments & Their Benefits for Health & Healing
The Spa Encyclopedia is the first book that explains over 70 spa treatments, their benefits and therapeutic powers for specific conditions. This book examines the different types of spas – destination, resort, and day spas – and explains exactly what visitors should expect from each. The role of physicians and medical specialties in a “medical spa” are included, as well as an ongoing maintenance regimes. This book reveals the spa world and benefits it offers. It also helps spa technicians, owners, managers, and health care professionals as well as physicians determine how best to help their clients, guests, and patients.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Origin of the Spa.
Chapter 2: Spas Today.
Chapter 3: The Spa Treatments.
Chapter 4: You, The Spa Client.
Chapter 5: Water, Mineral, Herbal, and Essential Oil Bath Therapies.
Chapter 6: Massage, Wellness, and Physiotherapy’s.
Chapter 7: Steam Vapor Bath and Sauna.
Chapter 8: Water Affusions.
Chapter 9: Affusions under Pressure.
Chapter 10: Showers and Steam Showers.
Chapter 11: Kneipp Ablution.
Chapter 12: Body Wraps.
Chapter 13: Body Packs.
Chapter 14: Hot Compresses.
Chapter 15: Herbal and Mineral Body Masks and Wrap Therapies. Chapter 16: Exfoliation Treatments.
Chapter 17: Body Hardening and Spa Kur Conditioning Therapies. Glossary.

The only guide to total well being and spa services: it will be the standard reference for decades to come.


ISBN: 1-56253-868-32002, 132 Pages,
8 1⁄2” x 11”, Soft cover, January 2002

H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development Serving the Health Care Industry since 1980.

By collaborating with hospitality leaders and wellness professionals we provide the tools to enhance their profitability and their client’s welfare.

Dr Reinhard R Bergel PhD


American Society of Lymphology
International Society of Lymphology
German Society of Lymphology
American College of Sports Medicine
Day Spa Association
International Medical Spa Association
International Society of Medical Hydrology

Dr Reinhard Bergel (Founder and President) has developed world-renowned therapy education, consultation, products and services for the med spa industry and offers personal consultation and on site training in Clinical and Health Spa Centers around the world.

Dr Bergel brings his years of experience and unique products from around the world to ensure that H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development will continue to lead in Spa development and training.