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The Easiest Way to Cleanse your Body Using Alkaline... Having a long alkaline foot or full bath is the easiest way to deeply relax and help your body release toxins and acids in a very natural way.     Why? The high PH-level of the water is pulling out...


Your Breakfast Determines the Course of Metabolism... by Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura   In our time, burdened with illnesses caused by modern-day civilization, many people have the course of their physical and psychological health predetermined upon waking...


Alkaline Foods and the Alkaline Diet The alkaline lifestyle diet is one of the most revolutionary diets to grow in popularity in the past few years! The eating principles of the diet (vegetarian, organic foods) are not new, but the addition...


Getting More Alkaline Foods into your Diet Getting More Alkaline Food into Your Diet! The alkaline diet is a very new way to look at how you eat. The essentials of the diet are to keep the ph balance of food intake at 80% alkaline with 20% acidity....


No more (swine) flu/H1N1 for you! Of course using... First of all don't panic when you hear about the Swine Flu! Why? The swine flue is pushed big time by media, politicians and companies earning big dollars. To put everything into perspective: Every...


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About The Alkaline Diet Guy

Hi,  I am Stephan Wilmes, a.k.a The Alkaline Diet Guy.

And  Founder, YouInFocusProducts.

http://www.YouInFocusProducts.com/ is an Edmonton, Canada based import and distribution company. Our commitment is to offer you the best available REAL Health, Beauty and Wellness products.

What do we think is real?

Real is when there is a obvious, good, long lasting change in your life.

Why do we offer you Jentschura International GmbH products? Because we’ve known about and have used the products for almost a decade.  And enjoy their beneficial effects very much.

My Biography

As a young man I loved sports: in team sports I played soccer and basketball. In martial arts, I became German Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Second World Military Boxing Champion. After my professional sports career I finished my Business Degree at the University in Munich, Germany and received the Wacker Chemistry Price for the Best Diploma Thesis.

I am also a Ayurvedic Therapist and used to own the Ayurveda Wellness Center Munich. Knowing the powerful cleansing and healing effects of Ayurvedic Sciences, I really acknowledge the same beneficial value of applying the Dr. P. Jentschura cure. The Jentschura cure seems to me more appropriate for our western civilization.

My most treasured time is spent with my sweet wife Alice and my beloved kids Linus, Finn and Lilly. In my spare time I am interested in fitness, books, movies and the mystery of life…

Yours,  Stephan Wilmes