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Health and Happiness

Posted on : 31-01-2018 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : alkaline diet, Alkaline Diet and improving your well-being, Alkaline Diet Health Tips, Alkaline Expert Interview


After an exhausting presentation, some of us experience a migraine attack, after the separation from the partner the skin itches, and in stress the herpes blooms. The body reacts to negative feelings.
Positive emotions can influence biochemical processes in our body. Studies have shown that people who regularly experience feelings of love, joy and well-being show a better heart rhythm on the ECG and have a lower risk of infarction. In addition, the immune system of the happy ward off inflammatory processes better. New findings even show that when the psyche changes, the body changes at the cellular level. Positive feelings, so the conclusion, can protect our health.
The US psychologist Carol Ryff, who is regarded as a pioneer in the field of mental satisfaction, formulated six pillars of well-being: self-acceptance, social relations, autonomy and the purpose of life, active environmental design, and personal growth.
Ryff made some interesting observations: people who studied hard in the evenings or helped others in the evenings, for example, were happier in the long run than people who flew into the Caribbean vacation. And: they also warded off infections better.
Psychoneuro immunologist Michael Antoni from Florida also believes that positive changes in the psyche are manifesting in the body. Antoni set up a stress management program for breast cancer patients: In ten sessions of two hours, participants received training to reduce their fears and exercises from imaginative psychotherapy. The result of his long-term study: The positive effect of stress reduction could even be observed at the cellular level. After years, the test subjects had fewer metastasis genes active.
Self-acceptance promotes happiness: people who constantly focus on their weaknesses sabotage their well-being and produced a bad mood. Also, those who ask themselves what they can do for society and thus define a purpose in life, therefore, promote their sense of well-being.
Here is another tip to deeply feel good and positive about your self: people should focus on their strengths. It is one of the key insights of Positive Psychology: “Build, what’s strong” – strong, which is good. These so-called signature strengths, which are written on one’s body, should be used in as many areas as possible. Sometimes that even brings a flow feeling – and it keeps you healthy.
Support your happiness via:
– Physical exercise
– Meditation, prayer, and belief
– Inspiring books, movies, and lectures
– Yoga, dancing, swimming, walks in nature
– Meeting inspiring positive friends
– Give meaning to existing relationships
– Deep relaxation and sufficient sleep

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