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Enjoy Alkaline Foods And Beautiful Epidermis

Posted on : 11-02-2011 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


In recent years, many people have found that they or their children are intolerant to gluten. This is actually a protein and it exists in food in a variety of ways because it’s found in wheat, rye, and others. Sometimes, even if it doesn’t create a great intolerance, it can affect the skin. So, you can enjoy a gluten free diet and beautiful skin combined.

That means that if you are suffering from rashes, acne, or other skin problems it would be in your favor to cut out this protein that could be affecting you. Certainly, it causes inflammation in the abdomen. If your digestive system is not working properly, it will affect the rest of your organs and body.

Everyone should understand that the digestive system is much like the sewer system in the city. If it’s not functioning properly, diseases will ensue for those who live there. The same is true in humans and their digestive system.

Having said all that, it’s important to understand also that the level of acidity and alkalinity are very important in the body. All must be well-balanced to have great skin, not to mention better health. Therefore, it is important to increase the amount of alkalinity as most people have way too much acidity in their blood.

Therefore, it’s important to consume more vegetables. A variety of different colors are extremely important. Greens like broccoli, celery and such will help to oxygenate your cells. Sprouts are also highly recommended. Beans and other legumes, as well as low sugar fruits like lemon, tomato, avocado and lime are too.

To be healthy and have great skin, you need 10 times the amount of alkalinity to neutralize one part acidity! If your levels of acidity are higher than the recommended amount you could be feeling off, irritated, fatigued, and even suffer from headaches.

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