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Invitation to Alkaline Foods Lectures

Posted on : 14-04-2010 | By : Stephan, The Alkaline Diet Guy | In : Uncategorized


Your are warmly invited to our lecture about the Alkaline Life Style

at Planet Organic South Edmonton –  6.30 pm  –  Thursday, 15th of April


at the Vancouver Wellness Show, 5.30 pm – April 30 – Living Well Stage

“Learn how to rebalance the alkaline levels in your body through regeneration, purification and cleansing to improve your health and energy.

Join Stephan and discover the difference between alkaline or acid lifestyle and how it can determine your health and well-being.


What deteriorates our health and well-being?

How we can stay healthy and beautiful?
Organic vs. inorganic dietary supplements
Responsible pregnancy
Toxins and weight loss

Alkaline Cellulite Treatments
Definition of health, disease, healing, aging
Hyperacidity related to civilisation diseases
The three steps of purification
Differences of the metabolism of men and women
Importance of minerals
Defeating absorption problems
Alkaline body care and diverse applications for body treatments

This lecture is crucial: People don’t realize what they do to their bodies by eating processed junk food and spend their life being continuously stressed. Both create acidity and to deal with the large amounts of acidity we rob our bodies’ mineral deposits. The process of deterioration starts.
Instead of dying at the age of 100-120 in a healthy body after a fulfilled life most of us die 70-80 years old after 10-20 years of suffering from diseases and longing for deep fulfillment.”

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